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download: http://spambayes.sourceforge.net/windows.html

Similar commercial programs: http://www.spamdoctor.co.kr/, http://www.spamfree.co.kr/web/

A program that detects and blocks spam emails.

The most surprising thing about SpamBayes is that it learns about spam.

When an email arrives, it is classified as not spam, spam, or suspected spam. If the user goes to the suspected spam folder and decides whether it is spam or not, SpamBayes will study it accordingly. It not only registers the sender address, but also checks the e-mail content to add a pattern of spam e-mail.

As spam e-mail evolves, you only need to train it accordingly. Those who receive a lot of spam have a strong blocking pattern, and those who receive less spam have a loose blocking pattern. Every time you look at your spam mailbox, you can put on a proud smile, saying, “Ja-shik. You taught me well.”


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