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In an era where it is difficult to get into a job, many people give up without being able to stay for long even if it is difficult to get into the workplace.

They usually have a job to make a living. Look up a job in the dictionary jobIran is 'to work continuously for a certain period of time according to one's aptitude and ability to make a living'.

In a word similar to 'occupation', but I looked it up in the dictionary and it literally means 'to do to live.'

Although there is a difference in meaning, it is something you do to earn a living, and you can receive money or rice in return for your labor.

Whether it is a job or a livelihood, there are cases where people find a job or start a business to make a living, but they lose their health, lose their dreams, and give up on their job or start-up because they are weighed down by their jobs and start-ups.

It's harder if you're a person who has a job and works just to make money, not something you want to do. Money is the price of work, so work is an exchange of money for one's time, health, family, life. reason to make moneywhat is it After all, isn't that what I earn to protect myself and my family and be happy? But to earn money, I am sacrificing myself, my family, and my life.


Do what you need in life and earn money

There are people who insist on doing things that make money while doing what is necessary in life rather than a job, and live that way.

MBC PD Kim Min-sik’s book 『New Nonstop』 Have you used it every morning?"at " Create your own small and simple business'I found a book.

This book, written by a Japanese in their 30s, is a story about quitting a job and making a living by starting a business with small capital while living. It is said that this person developed and started a business in 2007.


The Japanese title of this book is: ナリワイをつkuru: lifeを?マレない?き方 Ande, and when I turned it into a translator, I read “Creating a living: life? really? method'.

The title of the Korean book is 『Creating Your Own Small and Simple Livelihood』 and the subtitle is 'How to Live Without Stealing Your Life'. After reading the book, the Korean part title resonated more with me.

There are many examples of the author's various careers in this book.


Each individual has a different lifestyle and different talents and tastes, so we cannot do the same. In my case, I didn't want to follow the author's life story. Still, I sympathize with the author's idea of ​​making money while doing what is necessary in life.

It's not the era of self-sufficiency, so I can't do everything myself, but when I do what I need in life, it's a good idea to try it yourself or make money with it.

Recently I bought the door lock and replaced it myself.. I didn't think it would be easy, but in reality it wasn't easy. But when I finished it, it was easy. But if you ask me to do it again, I don't want to. i'm lazy too I think the era of making money by doing something easier for me and entrusting it to someone who specializes in this has done it.

I still don't know which of the things I need in the real world, like clothes, rice, a house, or a door lock repair, that I can easily learn and make money with. From childhood to school days, my father fixed ships, built a boiler, and even built a house with his close friends. When I was doing this kind of work, I worked as an assistant by my side. Learning the principles was fun and sometimes I was good at it, but doing it myself was cumbersome.



Earn money for living while doing what you love

I haven't found my interest or talent yet to make a living for food, clothing, and shelter in the real world. I'm glad it's not the era of self-sufficiency.

Instead, I make money by making tools, which I am interested in and love, or learning and learning about things I am curious about. A job is not a place to make money, but a place to do what I want to learn and do, and a place to pursue my hobbies. I don't choose my job or my boss, I choose my job and my boss. Do what you have to do, what you want to do, and what you are good at. Many people say this is crazy, but among the bosses I chose, there were people who used me well.

Now, I can't make tools or make money on the same scale as before, but the scale has only decreased. I want to show off, but I don't want to become famous, so I did my best not to show my name in the press release, so I don't need to pay for my name. For retirement, I have learned how much I can live by looking at my income and expenses for a long time, and since I spend less, I can live with less. The best preparation for retirement is not money, but fun, friends, and enjoyment of poverty.




The author of this book argues that instead of earning less, spending less, and not stressing about work, learn what you need in life and solve it yourself, and make money with it.

To agree. But that's after the minimal life. Besides, the education of children seems to be a different matter. The author has no children, so there is no discussion of children's education. If I can't earn money, I don't have to spend it and don't eat it, because I have to educate my children if I don't eat them. The minimum reason to make money is to protect myself and my family.

So far, the story is a naive story that has not suffered unfair things because of lack of money. An acquaintance asked me to borrow money because there was no monthly living expenses, so I borrowed it. I haven't received it in over a year. They say they don't have enough money to pay it back yet. They work for someone else's house and work at a construction site, but they say they don't have a job because of the corona virus. Can you tell this kind of person to make a living while doing the work necessary for life?

It seems to have deviated from the topic of making a living, but it seems that it has not deviated from it. You have to earn the money you need. In my opinion, it is easiest to make money with money in a capitalist society. There is a big difference between sweating and making money through manual labor and making money through office work using your brain. However, office work cannot be compared to making money through finance. They don't even know what work is. So I think it's better to learn how to make money with money. So, you can earn money you need, such as education for children, and earn less and spend less on the rest. In order to make money, you don't have to do things you don't want to do but you have to, so that people can live without stress.

I do what I want while doing what I need to live. For me and my family to live safely and happily, and for our society to live healthy. And the money you need makes money. Ah! I hope you learn how to make money with money. Knowing this will solve this problem. ㅠㅠ




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