After entering Seoul Arts High School – Is it okay to major in music?

My aunt, who was over 60, went to a music school after attending a general middle school and a general high school. These days, classical majors follow the order of Yewon School, Art High School, College of Music, and Study in Germany. The competition is fierce, so it is not easy to go to a music school without going through an art middle school or an art high school. Seoul Arts High School is the most famous art high school. I was looking for a book about Seoul Arts High School. After entering Seoul Arts High School – Is it okay to major in music?I found a book called

This book is a compilation of the stories of 13 students from the Seoul Arts High School, 13 moms, 5 dads, and 5 teachers.


It is composed of a total of 5 chapters, Chapter 1 is for students, Chapter 2 is for mom, Chapter 3 is for dad, and Chapter 4 is written by the teacher.

There is no consistent argument or direction since they wrote their own writings rather than writing them together to make a single argument.

The table of contents is as follows. I moved to see the title of the table of contents.


Chapter 1 Our Story

Find your own music | Minseo Kim (piano)
The world I live in made of sound | Lee Jung-min (piano)
Have fun, it won't be easy! | Yeeun Kwon (violin)
Because I like it | Kim Min-jung (violin)
Healing Musicians | Sooyoung Kim (violin)
I need sensitive senses and ears | Yebin Kim (violin)
Friends who communicate through music | Autumn Jeong (cello)
Practice didn't betray me | Gaon Kim (Viola)
Even if your weight weighs on me! | Chaewon Kim (flute)
Habits make me who I am today | Joobin Park (trumpet)
Let go of the anxious days | Isol (percussion)
I started because I liked it, so why is it difficult? | Kang Eun-jae (vocal music)
A being who gives happiness and despair at the same time | Kim Rin (vocal music)

Chapter 2 Mother's story

another room
I hope to be able to communicate with the world through music
Is it okay if I decide?
When you turn forty, everything will be fine.
When I woke up, I was choosing an instrument.
A child who spreads good influence through music
Precious time to grow with your child
Sorry for not being cool
Simple curiosity turns into a child's destiny
trust me
Marimba started without any preparation
Sometimes I'll take a step back
it's all thanks to the music

Chapter 3 Dad's Story

Dad likes icons too
Is my daughter right-brained?
Sol is supposed to be an announcer... …
Cheers for your brave declaration
Daddy will be waiting at the front door

Chapter 4 The Teacher's Story

How Analytics Affects Performance
Are musical talents innate?
A child who came with a sense of duty
Should I go to study abroad?
For a life of service through music

Chapter 5 Seoul Arts High School Q&A

School life and subject classes
major instrument



The past of high school students

The most interesting is the story of the students in Chapter 1. There were commonalities and commonalities in the stories of the students who passed the entrance exam for Seoul Arts High School and were in their first year in the music department.

When I was 5 years old or in the lower grades of elementary school, I accidentally became interested in a certain instrument. Or, because the mother majored in music or liked classical music, she gives the child what she didn't major in. → The child either harassed the parent or gave the parent a chance to practice with the hagwon or the teacher. → Take the lesson to the teacher and ask if he has talent → Decide to major. (There is no parental influence or information, but I speak as if I made a decision myself...) → In the 5th grade of elementary school, I prepare for the entrance exam for Yewon Middle School or decide on my major in a general middle school. → Attend Yewon Middle School or general middle school to prepare for Seoul Arts High School entrance exam. → Enter Seoul Arts High School.



Even if you like something, you will hate it if you try it.

One thing the 13 children had in common was that they started playing musical instruments because they liked them. I fight with my mom and my dad tells me to do it as a hobby.

It is important to meet the instructor well. In addition to the ability of the instructor, personality seems to be important. My favorite Japanese drama Nodame Cantabile’, Noh Damae was a piano genius when she was young, but she is traumatized by a music academy teacher. However, artistic and physical abilities are more at the hands of the teacher than the individual. Even “000 judges” has to be attached, so if you are not selected because you have natural abilities, your information and financial power will soon become your skills. At the same time, if you get caught by the teacher, your career will end, and something unpleasant can happen.

Students do not like to practice their favorite instruments while preparing for the entrance exam, and their teachers and mothers insist that they practice, so they fight and do not practice.



An independent life of self-awareness and practice

Then you wake yourself up you have to practice

Children are no different from adults. The moment your favorite instrument becomes a test, you don't want to play it. However, if you see that children set goals for themselves and practice on their own, they work hard to achieve results when they decide for themselves. Children are not dragged, they decide on their own and live independently.



Recommended for parents who want to major in classical music. Listen to your children's concerns

The title of the book is " After entering Seoul Arts High School – Is it okay to major in music?』 However, there is no talk about whether the teachers, who are the authors, can major in music after entering the school.

There is no story about the arts and sports industry, especially the classical industry. Top class performers, well-known performers and professors studied and took their place, income from lessons, concours business and master class business, private lessons in child lessons, music academy symphony orchestra, and apprenticeship education through tutoring the problems that become.

This book is the story of 'Until I entered Seoul Arts High School'. You can see the difficulties of children and the perspectives of mothers, fathers and teachers. Perhaps it would be good for elementary and middle school students or their parents who want to major in classical music. This is why children don't practice before the entrance exam.



What are you doing this to get?

An acquaintance who is sending Yewon said that these days, some people drop out of high school and go through the entrance exam to attend Hanyejong.

When a teacher dropped out of Seoul Arts High School and went to Kaywon Arts High School, he went to Germany to study and graduated from high school in Germany. After getting out of the frame of Seoul Arts High School, Seoul National University, and Han Ye-jong, they go straight to Germany, the final destination anyway. There is also a way to get out of this frame, unless there is a fight over academic punishment depending on which high school and college in Korea you went to. This is not just an issue for classical music. Anyway, if I can't go to Sky, I go to an American university and come back.

But for what? To make a lot of money by becoming famous in the market? Or to get better at what I want to play? If it wasn't for the very top class, I would become a lesson teacher or a private academy teacher, and even that wouldn't be easy.

There was a time when I had this kind of thought about my major or work at work, not limited to my classical major.  aiming above Found in the lines of Nodame Cantabile.

“I don’t know what Megumi-chan is talking about, but I’m happy if I can make music and play well, and I wonder if it will be more enjoyable if I do better… So, isn’t it just pure enjoyment of music to aim for the top?”


Of course, if marketability is not supported in capitalism, you will not be able to continue enjoying yourself, aside from being hungry. Sustainability is more important than ever and if you want to continue doing what you love, you have to do what some people think is success. However, different things have different purposes for succeeding in the market and for having fun, and these different purposes produce different results.



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