Always show full address in mac safari address bar

A web page on the Internet is called a URL (Uniform Resource Locator), so it has a web page address like a home address and can be accessed with a browser. When you access a website with a browser such as Safari or Chrome, the web page address is displayed in the address bar.

You don't have to look at the web page address all the time. In addition, since a website is an application these days, it is difficult to understand even if you look at the web address. Some people, like web developers, need to check the full address, but you don't have to. Still, I occasionally look at addresses to see where I am now. There are people who can only check if the place I came from is the ㅇㅇ apartment, and there are those who want to check whether it is 00 Apartment Building 101, 101. I don't often, but I tend to check detailed addresses.


The full address is not displayed in the address bar of Mac Safari.

When you buy a Mac, open Safari, and access a website, the full address of the web page does not appear in the address bar of your web browser.

As shown in the figure below, only the domain of the site is displayed. For example, if the web page address is  But Mac Safari only shows

The reason is that Safari does not display the full address as the default option.



Click on the Mac Safari address bar to see the full address.

Safari doesn't show the full address in the address bar, but clicking the address bar shows the full address. You can copy the full address and send it to another app like Messenger.

The intention is to click the address bar when you want to see the address in detail or to copy it, and otherwise focus on the web page rather than the address bar.



Always show full address in address bar on mac safari

For those who want to see or check the full address, it is cumbersome to click through the address bar every time.

You can always make the full address visible without clicking on Safari's address bar.

  1. Open Preferences from the Safari menu
  2. In the Advanced tab, check 'View full website address' in the Smart Search field.

In my case, I have a habit of checking the web page address, so whenever I change or reinstall a Mac, I always turn on this option in Safari.

this time 2020 M1 Apple Silicone MacBook Air, installed extensions in Safari and turned on this option.



Default value of address bar display

Ordinary users do not need to see detailed addresses when using web pages. Apple doesn't seem to show the full address by default for these users.

Since the user does not change the options well, the default value is important, and the intention and direction of production are included in what the default value is. Among the basic theories of behavioral economics, which received the Nobel Prize in Economics, the most important are opt-in, opt-out, and default values. There is also a question about whether to have organs donated by default in case of death, but as we know well, when you sign up for Netflix, you can use it for free for a month and then cancel it, but if you do not cancel it, it automatically switches to a paid subscription next month. am.

The default address bar display in Google Chrome is the global address display. I couldn't find an option to hide the entire address bar in Chrome's options.

From the user's point of view, small differences make a big difference. The address bar display isn't direct in terms of brand or sales, but it reflects the user-friendly philosophy and who the target user is, even in this little thing.


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