Comprehensive car inspection with drive-thru in Jeju

I received a text message asking for a comprehensive vehicle inspection. My wife's car is in my name, so it's in Seoul, but it seems like you can do a car inspection in Jeju too.


In Jeju, there is only one vehicle inspection station in Jeju City.

For automobile inspection, there is the Industrial Inspection Office and there are private inspection offices designated by the Corporation. In Seoul, I went to a private inspection office close to my house and found out if there was a private inspection office nearby in Jeju.

Search for private inspection stationsThere are several private inspection centers that conduct regular inspections in Jeju, but there is no private inspection center in the general inspection center. In Jeju, the comprehensive inspection is only available at the industrial complex inspection station, but in Jeju, there is no Seogwipo, only Jeju City. far away...



Make a reservation for comprehensive vehicle inspection

It is said that inspections conducted by the corporation must be booked. therefore booked on the site. I made a reservation and paid through iPhone Safari. So, it could be an Android phone like the Galaxy or a Mac.



on youtube Reservation method video There is this.


Industrial Complex (Business Trip) Inspection Office Location:

Designated Inspection Station Location:

[Industrial inspection office business hours]
Weekdays: 09:18 to 12:13 (Lunch from XNUMX:XNUMX to XNUMX:XNUMX)
Saturday: 09:13-XNUMX:XNUMX

※ Inspection fee reduction benefits are provided for the socially disadvantaged, such as the disabled and people of national merit. (Refer to the website (, excluding designated inspection stations)



car inspection


You don't pay when making a reservation, just bring your car registration card. The vehicle registration certificate is usually kept in the glove box of the passenger seat, so I checked if it was there.


Like Starbucks and McDonald's drive-thru

In Seoul, at a private inspection station, you park your car, go to the office, pay the fee, and when it is your turn, the employee will take the car and inspect it before calling. But here, like a Starbucks drive-thru, cars were lined up towards the inspection area.


We made a reservation at 11am and arrived around 10:30pm. A person came out and didn't guide me, but when I saw the cars lined up, I lined up with a glance.

There are two lines: the general inspection on the left and the periodic inspection on the right. I stopped the car and took a picture.



I received a text message about the reservation time the day before the test, but it seems like I won't be able to do the test at the scheduled time because it's a vehicle and I'm standing in line. It seems like you have to go around that time and stand in line. I didn't check the reservation time when checking.


Inspection time is about 20 minutes

Each inspection takes about 20 minutes.



When it's my turn, I stop the car, take out my car registration card, and get off.



In the customer waiting room during the inspection

At the Seoul Sensitive Inspection Station, it was possible to see through CCTV in a separate waiting room, but the Jeju Industrial Complex Inspection Station is located in the middle of the automobile inspection line. I took pictures while waiting in the back while inspecting the car in front of me. The middle space is the waiting room.



After completing the inspection, listen to the staff's explanation and receive the paper.

After the inspection, the staff will call you from the space next to the waiting room. And the results are explained for each test item. The next inspection is two years later. After the explanation, you can take the car with you. I've never failed an inspection, so I don't know what will happen in this case. It is likely to be re-examined after repair.


Since I live, I get a comprehensive car inspection in Jeju.


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