Our lab is open to the public for the first time

On the blog of reporter Seong-deok Seo Yahoo Korea, come to 'New House'~ There is an article.
There is a video of the company touring in this article, and there is also a sneak peek at our lab.

When we introduced the lab to reporters, someone was filming with a camcorder, and it seems that he was reporter Seong-deok Seo.

Heck, in the photo in the article, you can see our team members eating sandwiches at the cafe to prepare for the dinner session.

It seems to be the first time since the usability test room was created in 2001.

You can see the observation room and participant room of our laboratory through the video made by Seo Seong-deok, and you can see the contents of the experiment on a certain reporter with the eye tracker I bought in 2004. Reporters seemed to enjoy the eye tracker. In fact, our employees are also curious.

There is a subtitle "Yahoo! User Lab", in-house they just call it "Lab," and in the Participant Room it says "User Experience Lab." I pasted it. In addition to experiments such as usability tests, eye tracking studies, and card sorting, as well as conferences and phone interviews, the participant room is located in the User Experience Lab. said.

Looking at the video, I can see the water bottles I ate in the observation room during a discussion in the afternoon ^^
I hear that the laboratory is the CEO's will to develop customer-oriented service.

It's been over a month since I moved in and I'm getting used to it, but seeing this well-edited video is new again. Subtitles are fun too.


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