Disable CleanMyMac X's Background Process HealthMonitor

CleanMyMac X useful for system management

CleanMyMac Xis an app for Mac that lets you view the amount of memory or SSD being used, cleans garbage files, finds and removes malware, and cleanly uninstalls installed apps. It's a bit expensive, but useful for managing the system.

This app runs in the background and notifies you when the memory capacity is insufficient or the recycle bin reaches the specified size, and also monitors malicious code in real time.



I want to use it only when I need it, but it's running in the background

In my case, real-time monitoring of malicious code is necessary, but there is no need to receive such and such notifications, and since the CPU or memory usage in the menu bar is viewed as iStatMenu (this is also hidden from view now), there is no need to use CleanMyMac.

So, I would like to use the app only when necessary to remove malware or scan system junk, but the app is running in the background.

MacPaw, the creator of this app, Health Monitor has little effect on battery or performanceSays I wasn't very big either. CleanMyMac X HealthMonitor takes up 4.8 GBthere are people who

Still, I don't think there's any need to have apps floating in the background that you won't be using. So I looked for it.



Disable CleanMyMac X's HealthMonitor Background Process

Background Processes on CleanMyMac X says to turn off notifications and updates.


  1. Open the app's preferences
  2. In the Menu tab, uncheck Enable CleanMyMac menu and turn off all notifications of health status and management below.
  3. Turn off regular cleaning reminders in the Helper tab
  4. Uncheck all the boxes in the Protection tab.
  5. Uncheck all the checkboxes in the Updates tab.


If you look at the video image in the help, it is an English menu, but I think it will help you understand.


Even though I did this, I looked at the memory and HealthMonitor was floating.



Purge CleanMyMac's HealthMonitor in the background

I found how to get rid of it completelyThere is this. This is a way to change the HealthMonitor app to a different name and prevent it from running.

Open the app and rename the HealthMonitor app inside it.

  1. In the Applications folder, hover over the CleanMyMac X icon, right-click and click 'View Package Contents' to open it.
  2. Continue to open a folder to open the next folder. /Applications/CleanMyMac X.app/Contents/Library/LoginItems/CleanMyMac X Menu.app/Contents/Library/LoginItems/CleanMyMac X HealthMonitor.app/Contents/MacOS/CleanMyMac X HealthMonitor
  3. Rename the CleanMyMac X HealthMonitor file to something like CleanMyMac X HealthMonitor.old.
  4. Open the Activity Monitor app and force close the CleanMyMac X HealthMonitor app.


This is not a very good way to do this because it transforms the app. It seems better to turn off all background tasks according to the developer's advice. However, if several gigabytes are occupied, it seems that HealthMonitor should be disabled in the background like this. I just wrote the above method because I wanted to use the app only when needed without a background process. I don't know when I'll be back, but so far it's been fine.




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