Samsung Notebook NT500R5W-KD2S All-in-one Adapter

In 2017, I bought a Windows laptop for each of my children. Only more memory was added to Samsung Notebook 5 NT500R5W-KD2S. I'm still using it, but only the power adapter broke once, so I bought a genuine Samsung adapter. This time, the adapter was broken again, so I bought it.

When buying a genuine Samsung adapter, you should also check the output of the Samsung laptop adapter, but you should also check the outer diameter of the part that plugs into the laptop.

The NT500R5W-KD2S model has an outer diameter of 5.5mm and is a model without a pin in the middle of the inner diameter.

This time, I did not buy a genuine Samsung product, but a compatible adapter, but it is much lighter and more compact.

product name Samsung NT-NC10 All In One Adapter 19V 2.1A AD-4019S AD-4019C Compatible Charger am. This is my second time, so I think I will be able to buy it again, so I write down the model name and everything.



It is much more compact than the original Samsung adapter, so it can be stored or put in a bag. Power is important, but from the description, I think you can trust it as it is a company specializing in power supply and an OEM supplier.





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