A video I uploaded during Norman's lecture

It was held at KAIST in Daejeon in October. Norman's lecture While showing a screenshot of youtube.com, I said that it is difficult to find the desired video on youtube.com, but it is easy to share it with others. The video Norman captured was an interview about the Benjamin Franklin Award that Norman received this year.

Someone you know said they saw your video because it was on youtube.


Listening to Norman's explanation, uh! I also uploaded... On the right, you can see my ID.

That screen is me Videos uploaded to youtube.com was captured by Norman.

Wow, I wondered if something like this happened.

The reason I uploaded a video of Norman interview on YouTube was to write a blog about Norman receiving the Benjamin Franklin Award this year, but the original page was mpeg It was a file, so it was intended to be a flash video. therefore mpeg download the file again youtube put on Donald Norman Wins 2006 Benjamin Franklin Award I wrote an article titled Iran.

There is a copyright issue after Google recently bought YouTube. I also moved the video from the original website to YouTube, so I thought there might be a legal issue, so I thought I should talk to Norman.

After the lecture, I went downstairs, and there was a line of people waiting to get autographs on books. A junior in the lab I met there said that he thought my ID might have been uploaded by my brother. Anyway, the line didn't line up, so I gave up on meeting and talking and decided to send it by e-mail.

I sent an email and got a reply right away.

Oh, I retrieved Norman's email address to send the email. Found 2 One was sent to an email from Nilsen and Noman Group and an email from Northwestern University, and a reply was sent to an email from Nilsen & Norman Group. Maybe work rather than school?

Anyway, there is no legal problem with the content of the reply, thanks to that many people watched the video and sent me an email about the video. And he said that he would like to see him when he comes to California.

There are days like this.


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