Check your Apple Care+ subscription and warranty expiration date

The warranty period for Apple products is one year. This is called 'AppleCare'. And the product that extends this up to 1 years is AppleCare+. AppleCare+ for MacBook Air is 3 won.  New semester discount eventWhen I ordered the M1 MacBook Air, I got 20% off AppleCare+ and bought it for 199,000 won.



Apple Care+ can be purchased within 60 days of purchase

Apple Care+ isn't something you can buy anytime. According to Apple's official website, it can be purchased within 60 days of purchase in Korea. But when it breaks down while using it, I can't buy Apple Care+ and go to fix it.

The period during which you can purchase Apple Care+ after purchasing the product seems to vary from country to country. According to the official website, purchases in Japan must be made within 30 days.


  • In most countries and regions, you can purchase AppleCare+ within 60 days of your device's purchase date. In Japan, you can purchase AppleCare+ within 30 days of your device's purchase date.




Check AppleCare registration and warranty period on MacBook

Today, I suddenly remembered that I had not registered AppleCare+ on my MacBook.

So, I was thinking about how to do this, and I thought that maybe because I bought the MacBook and AppleCare+ together, it might not have been registered. So, I checked whether AppleCare+ was registered on the MacBook.


1. go into


2. Enter the serial number of your MacBook.

If you click 'About This Mac' in the Apple menu (), the serial number of the MacBook is displayed in the Overview tab as shown below.


3. Enter the CAPTCHA code and click the Continue button to display the following information.

Boni AppleCare+ is applied, and the warranty comes out all day.




AppleCare+ Follows MacBooks, Not Apple Accounts

It was purchased by an acquaintance as an event for the new semester, so I wondered if Apple+ would follow the Apple account, or if it was applied to the MacBook, it would follow the MacBook.

Auto insurance or high pass follows the car, and the car follows the car registrant. Like this, AppleCare+ seems to follow the MacBook, not the Apple account.



AppleCare+ is automatically registered when a MacBook and AppleCare+ are purchased together as a new semester event

I don't know because I've never bought a MacBook and AppleCare+ from the official website when it's not a new semester event, but at least AppleCare+ is automatically registered when I purchase it as a new semester event.




AppleCare+ is priced differently depending on the type of device.


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