Dragging a window on a MacBook trackpad

I used to think that I couldn't use a laptop without a red bean to use the mouse pointer instead of a trackpad. IBM laptops and Toshiba laptops were my first laptops. But I switched to a MacBook in 2007.Then I realized what a narrow-minded thought that was. Two-finger scrolling on my MacBook reveals a whole new world. You can use your laptop well without a wheel mouse. And I can't remember when Finger gestures on a multi-touch trackpadWith the emergence of the new world, another new world was tasted.



There are several ways to drag a window on the trackpad, so you can set it up as you like.


Press and hold on the trackpad and drag the window

When using the mouse to drag the window, you can move the window while clicking it. With the trackpad, you can drag your finger around while holding down the shift key or the comment key. MacBooks these days Force Touch trackpadSo, you can move by holding down the trackpad without pressing the shift key.

This is convenient when moving a window to a nearby location. However, when moving the window farther away, it will fall.



Set trackpad drag lock

It is convenient to set drag lock when moving the window farther away.

You can tap once to lock the window, then drag it to another location and tap it again to make it drop. Just enable dragging on the trackpad and check Lock.

It's in the Accessibility menu, not the Trackpad menu in System Preferences. I change my MacBook every 2-4 years, but I set this up every time I change my MacBook. This time I recorded how to do it.


1. Open Accessibility in System Preferences.

2. In Accessibility, scroll left and click Pointer Control, and click the Trackpad Options button on the right.

3. Click Enable dragging in the window, select 'Enable drag lock' and click the 'OK' button to complete the setting.


How to use drag lock

To use, tap, tap and drag, then tap.


1. Tap the upper part once, then immediately tap again and drag.

If double-tap is tap-tap in quick succession, it's tap, tap. Then a window is attached to the pointer.


2. Tap once more on the desired location to drop it.

That is, tap, tap → drag → tap.



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