Tips for flying Gimpo-Jeju domestic flights

I saw you blogging while traveling between Gimpo and Jeju by plane.

These are tips collected at each stage of the process of finding, booking, and boarding a flight ticket with the desired date and price. It seems that Gimpo-Jeju can be applied to domestic flights as well as flights.






flight booking

Find cheap flights

Find the lowest price for domestic flights by date on Naver

Seoul (Gimpo) ←→ Cheap Flights to Jeju Day of the week

Search for flight tickets on Naver and purchase 1,000 won cheaper per ticket


Issuance of boarding pass



Issuance of boarding pass 

Reserve your seat at no extra charge

When Jeju Air assigns a mobile boarding pass seat ticket, there are no more seats in the front seat in the divided area.


ticket storage

Keep your airplane mobile boarding pass in your iPhone wallet


Baggage check


Entrance to the boarding area


Check your identity before boarding with biometric information at Gimpo-Jeju Airport


security check


Convenience store location in the Arrival Hall 


boarding the aircraft

게 이트

Sometimes the gates change. Sometimes texts come late.


in flight

Noise canceling when flying: boss qc3 vs. Apple AirPods Pro



after arrival

Airport bus stop

rental car



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