Search for Jeju flight tickets on Naver Air and purchase 1 won cheaper per ticket

What is the cheapest flight ticket to Jeju? Use Naver AirThis makes it easy to search for and purchase domestic and international airline tickets.

I haven't purchased overseas flights on Naver, but for domestic flights, especially between Gimpo and Jeju airports, search for tickets on Naver Air Service.



After searching on Naver, purchase from a travel agency, not Naver.

Search on Naver Airlines, but purchase by selecting one of the travel agencies affiliated with Naver, not Naver.

Therefore, the purchase or refund must be made at the airline where the purchase was made rather than through Naver.

Obviously, I log in to a travel agency to make a purchase and receive a text message or Kakao Talk, but many people still think that I bought it on Naver.




If you purchase it from the airline's app or website, it is 1 won cheaper than the Naver flight price.

If you look at the price of the same flight on the airline app or website as a result of Naver flight search results, the airline is 1000 won cheaper than Naver.

It seems that Naver takes 1,000 won per ticket when purchasing a flight from a travel agency.

Naver's flight ticket service brings together several content providers like Naver, and allows you to search through them, and like most portal vertical services, Naver does not directly sell them. In flight ticket search results, it seems that sales are turned over to travel agencies, and users receive a per-page commission when purchasing flights from travel agencies.

Since Naver is a media in terms of advertisements, flight fees seem to work like cps (click per sale) advertisements. The difference from Amazon and Coupang Partners is that the fee is set per transaction.




Search on Naver Airlines and purchase through the airline's website or its app

It would be convenient to simply search for Naver flight ticket service and purchase it from a related travel agency, but if you want to save even 1000 won, you can search on Naver and purchase through the airline app.

Sometimes, when you search through the airline app, you see flights with prices that are not shown on Naver.



Flight event on Naver

Occasionally, Naver offers an event where if you buy a round-trip one-way ticket, you will get 2,000 won. This means that Naver's income of 2000 won will be used for marketing expenses. If you find it difficult to purchase again through the airline's website or airline's app after searching, using this event will be the same as purchasing from the airline's website by selling more fingers.


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