Find the lowest price for domestic flights by date on Naver

Naver flight ticket service

When searching for a flight ticket on Naver, you can use Naver flight ticket service.


As with other Naver services, you can simply search for “Naver Airlines” in the Naver search bar.

You can only search for flights on Naver, and purchases can be made at any of the connected travel agencies.



Find the lowest price by date

When looking for a domestic flight ticket, it is mainly determined by the departure time and price.

In some cases, I search for a flight without deciding on a departure or arrival date. In my case, I often travel between Gimpo and Jeju.




Change the date and search again.



It is inconvenient to have to press the date several times to view it by changing the date.




Find the lowest price by date with Naver Air Bettor

With the Naver Air Beta version, you can easily find cheap flights by date for the same origin and destination.

1.Naver Air Beta ( to

2. Enter the departure point, destination, number of people, date, etc. and search for a flight ticket on Naver.

3. Click “Early Departure Time” on the right, then “Low Price”

4. Click the date to check the price by date.


It is convenient to select a business trip location, destination, number of people, and date first, and then to find the price and time you want by pressing the date in the search results.


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