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I watched a movie called Final Cut over the weekend.



I suddenly remembered that when I was in graduate school, I was doing an experiment and filming the process with a camcorder. The best part was that I interviewed the team members one by one after dramatically finishing the experiment with 120 participants the day before going to the lab MT ^^

And I wondered what it would be like to record the research process at the company with a camcorder like a documentary.

It may be difficult to shoot online surveys, but it would be fun to shoot usability tests, focus group interviews, and field research.

In the evening, after discussing Forsuna with the team that made Forsuna, we talked about making films.

Then, he said that it would be helpful when reviewing the methodology. He is good at taking notes, but he doesn't remember talking about it for a long time, so in this case, it would be better to just record it as a video. In addition to taking notes when doing a methodology review after each research, I can pick up things I don't remember by watching the video.

It is difficult to teach certain behaviors even if you are the champion of each methodology. For example, it is often difficult to remember how to deal with focus group interviews and how to do moderation in a specific position when conducting an experiment.

And it's hard to point it out every now and then. Taking a video would be convenient for reviewing what you did well and what you didn't do well.

In fact, our team does eye-tracking, diary-study, in-person interviews, and group interviews to find out people's goals, motives, attitudes, and behaviors, while recording and recording, but nevertheless, we don't talk about what we're working on. I don't.

Last year, when I was doing field research, I filmed the process with a camcorder, but in the end, the researcher was busy with research, so it was often not possible to record.

Oddly enough, “After the discussion is over, ah! I need to take a picture of this... .” I did. It was today too.



There is a thing called making film in the film industry. Making film refers to making a film again like a documentary.

Making film means making a movie, but I don't know why it meant filming the process of making a movie.

While doing research, we review the methodology every time to do our work better, but if there is a process of observing and interviewing our work itself by a third party, I think it will be easier to find a way to do our work more efficiently and effectively.

Most of the time, I am the team leader, but when I am discussing with the team members, like I said before, after the discussion is over, I think like that. Moreover, I don't seem to be diligent enough to carry a camcorder every time, so it doesn't seem to record well.

I don't know what it would be like for a team other than the project team to take pictures of each other. Or, it would be better if a team leader who has nothing to do like me could play the role of a cameraman.

This time, surveys, focus group interviews, and usability tests are conducted in a pile, so I would like to give it a try.

I think it would be good to edit it and make it into a documentary.

In the movie Final Cut, I think it would be good to make a video with background music and give it to someone who is leaving the company, like a tribute to the mourners. Our team has it's own tradition, but there is something that takes a picture of the whole team and puts it in a frame and presents it to the person leaving the company. A video with music would be more interesting than a photo.

How about making a project documentary to record and observe what you do, and to find a way to do it better and have more fun.


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