What I learned from the in-house tennis tournament

I went to an in-house tennis tournament on Saturday.

This year, I went to the tennis court for a total of 4 times, including the tournament. (After a health checkup, I started going out again ^^)

Compared to last year, I couldn't go to the tennis meeting because I couldn't find a partner for the doubles match, so I almost couldn't.


Couldn't win.

They lost 5:7 in the semifinals, 6:4,10, and 7:10 in a tiebreaker with XNUMX points.

The team rushed the day before the match, but they really did their best. Again, the opposing team was great. The content of the game is also content, but we did our best. It was probably the most intense match of the tournament. It was so intense that it felt like a final.

There are some things I feel after finishing the competition.

Skills increase during competitions
I get more lessons, but when I play tournament-style matches, I feel that my skills are improving without realizing it.
I also see members of the same club who have always exercised together do better than usual in competitions.

I think the reason is tension and concentration.

With the goal of winning the competition, you get tense and focused every moment. Concentrate all your attention on one point at a time. It's very different from the usual game.

I didn't take lessons this year, and I didn't do much club activities, so I still feel that the basics are not enough. If you make a mistake while changing the course during a forehand rally, you cannot lob into a stroke and return the lob to the lob like Uncle Tennis. The basics are really important. The basics are difficult to refine during the game. However, if you focus on playing, it seems to improve on its own.

teamwork towards the goal
When your partner makes a mistake and blames himself, say positive things to each other, such as "It's okay, it was a good attempt, let's get stronger, we're doing well, we can do it, let's get a plaque".

 "I have a weak backhand, so I'll stand on the right side. The forehand also gets better because the ball is cut, so don't try to hit it when you return, but lift it up. The return is always low, so let's run after serving" etc. Encourage each other and cover each other's weaknesses , to share with each other everything we know by analyzing each other.

It seems that teamwork is demonstrated by sailing towards one goal.

There was nothing to do from the beginning. There was just a common goal, "Let's win", and it seems that we studied, shared, and encouraged each other on specific ways to achieve this goal as the game progressed.

Stimulate the desire to win
I don't have much skill, but I don't seem to have much desire to win. So even if you play the game, you don't have to fight hard to win.

However, things change a bit when you go to a tournament in doubles. If I go out in singles, I can lose because I work alone, but if I go out with doubles, I can't.

You have to win, so you don't give up one by one, and you keep focusing. Focus on winning everything: skills, strategies, attitudes.

What was so intense in this match was probably more focus when my partner said, "Let's get a plaque".

Such tennis tournaments are summative evaluations during evaluation.

The overall evaluation is, yes, how many points do you have? While at work, I rarely receive summative evaluations other than the high marks received by the company.

However, every time I go to a tennis tournament, I feel that I am performing this qualitatively while performing a summative evaluation.
Perhaps it is because the evaluation process is relatively short, and there is feedback in the evaluation process.


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