Notes on purchasing Apple's new semester student discount

Apple offers a student discount for the new semester between January and March of each year. Although it is different every year, if you buy a Mac, headphones or earphones are included for free. Usually about 1% discount, plus headphones or earphones for free. I think I've even given them 3 won for headphones, but this year it's only about 10 won. So, if you are going to buy a Mac or iPad, it is good to use this time.



this time 2021 Apple Student DiscountI bought the M1 Apple Silicon MacBook Air. At first, I misunderstood the terms and conditions, so I thought I was a kindergartener or higher, so I ordered as a high school student and sent documents, but after a while, I was rejected. I called Apple and asked about it. That's more than just a college student. So I ended up buying it through a friend of a faculty member. Then I summarized what I had learned.



Promotional benefits target: pre-university students, college students, graduate students, faculty and staff

The education discount store home of Apple's official website includes college students, educators, and faculty as shown below. Graduate students are also available, and prospective college students with an admission permit are also available.


New semester 2021 terms and conditions ( Links stored in Google), the applicable target is professors, faculty, students, parents, and public officials belonging to the Ministry of Education.

  • Professors, educators, or teaching staff employed by accredited educational institutions ranging from kindergarten to higher education, including private and public institutions in the Republic of Korea
  • Professors, educators, or staff employed by accredited public and private professional educational institutions and technical and technical educational institutions;
  • Students and prospective students enrolled in accredited public and private professional educational institutions, technical and technical educational institutions, or universities, or parents purchasing on their behalf
  • public officials under the Ministry of Education


Parents can purchase, but the name and payee of the student being evaluated must be the same.

As the target of the promotion is students, the qualification must be a student and parents can purchase it on their behalf.

As per the terms and conditions, only the parents who are subject to the qualification examination can do so.  Case where the order was canceled because my cousin brother placed an order for methere is


Usually, when shopping online, you order and receive the product or go to the Garosu-gil Apple Store to receive it. However, the event qualification for the new semester will be judged after placing the order.

Order → Submit qualification documents (by e-mail) → Qualification screening by Apple → If it passes, the product is sent, if not, cancel the order → Receive the product



When a student/faculty member eligible for a discount places an order

Order with your Apple account. In this case, the name of the recipient must be the same as the identification card to be evaluated.


When parents order on their behalf

You can order with your parent Apple account.

You can also order with your parent's Apple account. According to the terms and conditions, the relationship is only possible with the parents. Since you are not sending a family relationship certificate, it is unlikely that you will be able to prove it on paper.


The recipient must be the student's name

The payee must be the student's name. The student purchases the discount because it is a student, and the concept of ordering on behalf of parents.

When a parent places an order on behalf of the parent, the order is placed in the parent account and the payee The order will be canceled if the name of the student is not eligible for the discountdo.

If you are going to purchase through another student or faculty member, it seems safe to place the order with the account of the person who is conducting the qualification screening and have the same payee. In my case, a friend of the faculty and staff placed the order, and the recipient was also in the name of a friend. (I made this public, would Apple cancel my order if they knew? I'm sorry. Apple)


You can enter someone else's email to receive shipping information.

When parents place an order, they can add their child's email so they know about shipping. In my case, a friend added my email address to the order so I could keep track of the delivery status.


Qualification screening

Submission of Eligibility Documents: Student Proof Document and Information Disclosure Agreement

Usually, you place an order and receive the product, but in the new semester discount event, it is added to submit documents to determine whether you are eligible for the discount.

After placing an order, you will receive an email, and you must send your student ID and information disclosure agreement as a reply.

I received an email a few hours after placing my order. They are asked to send their student qualifications and information disclosure consent form by e-mail. Here is the email I received.


To verify your eligibility to use the Education Discount Store, please provide the following information: edu_bts_en@apple.comPlease send it to

  • Written Information Disclosure Agreement Document
  • your order number
  • Requires a scanned image or digital photo of the following documents (total file size 20 MB or less):
    • student:
      • Front of latest student ID
      • latest admission letter
    • Faculty and staff:
      • The front of the latest faculty ID card (teacher's license is not accepted)
      • Certificate of Employment

If you have already submitted the document, you can ignore this message.

important: The information you send us will only be used to determine your eligibility to use the Education Discount Store based on your current educational institution enrollment status.

Disclose only the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Educational institution name and/or logo
  • Document registration/expiration date

Other information in the document, such as text and photos and images, may be hidden to protect your privacy. The contact information in the submitted document must match the contact information in this order. If this information is different, please call 080-330-8877.

We'll send you a confirmation email when your documents arrive successfully. Eligibility verification will be done within 5 business days, and you will receive an order confirmation email on the same day. If you do not reply within 2 business days, your order will be cancelled. For more information, see Apple's sales policyPlease refer to



 Evaluate Eligibility to Buy from Apple

If you reply with a file attached, you will receive a reply as follows. Evaluate purchase eligibility within 1-3 business days.


To Apple Customers

Thank you for purchasing a product from the Apple Online Store.

The document you sent has been delivered. Your order will be processed within 1-3 business days.

After we evaluate your eligibility to purchase, we will send you a notification email.

We need your web order number to process your order.

If you sent us an email without an order number, please resend your email with your order number.

Thank you for choosing Apple.

Apple Store Dream

Ship product or cancel order

In my case, I received an order cancellation email after ordering as a high school student. After 10 days or so. After the order was canceled, the credit card payment was also canceled.


Once you know the address of the shipping status web page, you'll have a Safari bookmark that you can view without logging in, and you'll click it every day. It may be because it is a new semester event, so orders are pushed back, but Apple is really the king of making people wait. In addition, this product is the first Apple silicon MacBook with an M1 chip, and the performance is not as good as the cost-effectiveness that is not Apple-like, but also the MacBook Air, which is better than the more expensive MacBook Pro.

It seems to be shipped to Korea by DHL from China. I ordered from Jeju, but I don't know if it's a situation unique to Jeju, but it went from DHL to the post office and I received it by post office courier.


product receipt

If you pick it up at the Garosu-gil Apple Store

If you go to the Garosu-gil Apple Store and pick it up in person, you must bring your ID with you, who has been screened for the discount.

When receiving by courier

If the parent ordered, the recipient must be written in the student's name, so don't be confused. If you order through an acquaintance, you should be careful that the payee is your acquaintance's name, not you. If you don't know someone, other family members should not accept it or not.


Above, we have summarized the information obtained while shoveling Apple theology while purchasing the MacBook Air as an event.


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