Which furniture will fit my PS5 or Xbox console? : Console model of Akea store

big game console


playstation 5 (ps5)

playstation 5 (ps5) is the largest so far.

(photo source: reddit)


It is about 40 cm high.

(photo source)


I didn't feel like it, so I looked for more.

When I saw the ps5 disassembly video, I got a feeling. It seems to be higher than the old stand-up desktop.

(photo source)




xbox It is also almost desktop size.




How do you find furniture to house your big game console?

People who bought a ps5 are worried about where to store it. Especially if you bought it without your wife's knowledge, you may not be able to just leave it next to the TV.


Finding the right furniture to house this large game console is also a challenge. As usual, you can take a tape measure and measure the width and width.

I wouldn't go to a furniture store with a ps5, but it would be better to bring a tape measure. Measure the width and width of the console.

(photo source)




Ikea's mock-up console to determine the furniture to put the game console on

It seems that IKEA came up with the idea.  I made a mock-up console to decide which furniture to house the game console on..

It's a big PS5 or Xbox mockup that you can put on your furniture or try out.

The original text of the cnet article was written by a user on reddit. I found the picture on reddit.


(photo source: reddit)



No need to imagine!

You can put in a TV stand, a shelf cabinet, or a model of a console to see if it fits in. Just put the model in. You don't have to imagine.


(photo source)




Don't let the user imagine!

When making a product, the person who makes it should not just imagine. try a sketch prototypingSo, you have to touch, feel, and experience it yourself to complement the plan in reality.

The same is true for buyers making purchase decisions.

When I went on a business trip to China Display the length of the TV seen in the Xiaomi storegood, but better Life-size paper TV am. You can hang it on the wall at home and know how big it is and where it is. However, this console model from IKEA is an idea that fits well with the characteristics of furniture sales. When you sell furniture, you can find out more immediately and intuitively than paper TV if you provide a model that suits the furniture or that you want to put on or inside the furniture.

Long time ago related interaction design patternI am excited to see examples in other situations of




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