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Discussions on the blog are in comments and trackbacks.

When WordPress receives a trackback, it is displayed in the comment area as a default, indistinguishable from the comment. It seems that comments and trackbacks are treated together in the sense of discussion.

The reason for sending trackbacks by writing on your blog instead of comments is probably because there is more content or pictures than comments. Or maybe it's because he wants to put the article on his own blog. However, the problem is that the comment shows all the content of the post, whereas the trackback shows only a part of it.


Problem with trackbacks in comments area

Trackbacks usually contain more posts than comments, but WordPress only displays some of the trackbacks' posts in comments. So, you can only see the first part of the article and not the full text. When I looked at the database, I was actually storing only a part of the article.

Comments often require you to enter your name and website, but if you click on the name while there is a comment, you will be taken to the website you entered. In the case of a trackback, the link in the name will be the address of the article, not the website. But you can't tell if it's a comment or a trackback just by looking at it.

the picture below Why does time pass faster as you get older As shown in the comment area of ​​, you have received a trackback. However, as mentioned above, only a part of the text is visible, but what appears to be the whole of the text. To read the full text of an article, click on the author's title to go to the article, but there is no hint about this.



Yoda As in the case of , when you write with a trackback, you can tell if it is a trackback when you see it in the comments of the post that received the trackback if you write '(This article is written to trackback why time passes faster as dobiho gets older)' at the beginning. , seems to distinguish between those written with trackbacks among his own writings.



To have trackbacks read in the comments area

If trackbacks and comments are viewed as discussions on a blog, there is no need to display trackbacks and comments separately. This is because the order of words is important in a discussion.

If that's the case, I think it would be necessary to display the trackbacks and comments so that they can be distinguished from each other in the comments area, and to make the links more readable in the case of trackbacks. I tried to mark the distinction between comments and trackbacks at the beginning of the post, but it doesn't look that neat.

It seems to be possible to display [More] after some cut posts and give a link, and if it is marked as trackback, you can go to the relevant blog to read more and read the rest of the article.

As shown in the picture, below the comments, we have placed a link on the far right that says 'More Trackback Comments'. I wanted to continue to the last part of the article, but I couldn't find a way.



How to show more trackback comments

If you can get the link URL of the trackback and can tell if a comment is a handwritten comment or a trackback, you can implement this. I did a search on db fields and and found a function that differentiates them.

1. In your theme's comments.php Next, add the source code below.

comment_type == “trackback” || $comment->comment_type == “pingback” || ereg(“ ”, $comment->comment_content) || ereg(“ ”, $comment->comment_content)) { echo “ comment_author_url>More Trackback Comments » ” ; }?>

It was found in the usability tests that I conducted in the past that the 'More' link is useful where the content is interrupted as a method of displaying the link to be viewed continuously in the reading flow.

Still, you have to test usability to see if you are reading the text in this design and clicking [More Trackback Comments] because you can't read all the articles (because it's a trackback). If you give a link like the picture below in the trackback comment, will it be clicked? I'd like to log on clicks.


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