Entering the current datetime with hotkeys on Mac (using BTT BetterTouchTool)

When writing an issue or comment on github, the current date and time are sometimes entered. The writing or editing time is displayed, but there are times when the time is displayed separately in the text. If you press the hotkey, it would be nice to enter 2020:1:1 am on January 1, 1, but there is no function to enter the current date and time even if you search the Safari menu.

So, I found a way to type with hotkeys.


How to assign current datetime hotkey with BTT BetterTouchTool

BTT(BetterTouchTool)is possible with

  1.  Open BTT and click the keyboard.
  2. Click the + button on the trigger and click the + button on the right side of it
  3. Key in the hotkey you want to assign.
  4. On the far right, select Insert/Type/Paste Custom Text.
  5. Insert Special: There is text in the box below, but if you want to display it as year/month/day, edit it.

In my case, fn + d was specified, and I wanted to make it 2020:1:1 am on January 1, 1, so I changed it as follows.

(BTT)@dateformat:yyyy MM month d ah:m:ss (BTT)

I can't memorize hotkeys, so I can't memorize hotkeys until now, but the hotkeys I remember with my hands now are copy and paste, and some of the vi editors, screen capture hotkeys. And additionally fn+d . I don't think there are any more hotkeys to memorize.


BTT, which I bought a long time ago, cannot be updated for more than 2 years, but all the functions I use work well in Big Sur. I don't know if I should update the M1 MacBook Pro that I will buy later, so I'm not in a hurry, but I was thinking about buying it. In the meantime 30% off Black FridayI bought the $20 lifetime update version for $15.

btt is a Mac app made by a single developer, but it is not sold in the Mac store, but is sold on the website, so the price is not cheap. Although Mac has several third-party functions built-in, it seems that once you start using btt, you don't know how to use Mac without it.


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