What is your reason for choosing life when deciding between life and death?

A novel I stumbled upon while watching brunchI read it to the end in one fell swoop. There may be more stories, but they were cut off, so I looked them up and found that they came out in a book. read the book again.

It says it's a novel, but when I looked it up, it said it was his own story. It's literally like a novel.


In an era where the economy is struggling and there are many mental disorders like depression in recent years, publications and media say things like, It's okay, it's okay to rest, I sympathize, you're right, etc. When you read those books, you're like, "Oh, yes. I think it's not just me who's having a hard time." It's like you don't have to go through hard times.

However, writer Jo Tae-ho, who wrote a novel like this one, lived a very difficult life, and despite giving up, he does not give up.

Seeing you live life in a difficult situation without dramatic reversal, it feels rather comforting compared to other books that say it's okay. I feel that there are people who live like this.


choose to live

the title 'What is your reason?” seems to ask why you choose life if you can decide life and death.

But I couldn't find a reason to live if I read the book.

In Buddhism, being born and living is itself a pain, so if you try to find out why you should live, you may fall into nihilism. half 인터뷰As I said in , I think it may be 'choice to live'.

The book asks the question, "If you are given the opportunity to choose life or death so easily, what are your reasons for choosing life?" What if I asked the author the same question?

In some cases, the moment they answered, the meaning was limited by language and words. One thing I want to tell you is that we are living in an age in which so many precious lives choose to die. So I wanted to ask the opposite. To those who live, why do they live? I hope that this question might give those who choose to die to think about why they won't die. The one I met on the eve of my death was not an angel from heaven, nor any good teaching.

It's just a choice. towards living. As the saying goes, you have to do it to make it happen. Please don't die. If you walk steadily in one direction with sincerity, you will surely meet something. Until then, no matter how small the reason, I hope you get up and grab your own.



Don't think about it, just do it in a positive way.

Since the human brain is so old hardware, it seeks efficiency to produce results with low-performance hardware, and software-like cognitive information processing equipment supplements it. Prejudice, preconceived notions, habits, etc., are the result of the human brain's pursuit of efficiency in order not to think (it takes energy and takes time).


Wake up or not when you wake up in the morning? it just happens

The traffic light is yellow while driving, should I go or not? stop

Do you eat when you see cake while on a diet? not? don't eat

live or die? live.


Humans are thinking animals, but when it comes to making decisions such as life or death or better or better, it seems that we should not think and "just" act in a positive direction.






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