WordPress display current location (breadcrumb)


Breadcrumb is a piece of bread from the fairy tale Handel and Gretel. In the early days of the Web in the late 1990s, the location of the page was marked so that it was easy to determine the current location without reading the way in the Web site.

Displaying the current location of a web page within the site provides a structural indication of who the father and grandfather of this page are, and provides direct access to the father and grandfather menus.

Google search results also display the structure of the menu on the page in breadcrumbs. So it is also important from an SEO point of view.

If the article is in a category, it will appear as follows.

Home > WordPress > Display WordPress Current Location (breadcrumb)


Sometimes we use the current position to structure our pages with pages rather than posts in WordPress. It is especially useful when creating help or manuals with WordPress.


wordpress plugin

Wordpress Breadcrumb NavXT You can use a free plugin called

for SEO Yoast SEO If you use a plug-in, you don't need to use a separate breadcrumb plug-in.

You can activate the breadcrumbs as follows: The default is off.


If you want to display the breadcrumbs directly at the desired location, simply insert the short cut below in the text tab of the article or page.

[ wpseo_breadcrumb ]
(Must remove [ and spaces)



Yoast SEO The structure of the page in terms of SEOIt seems to have built-in this function to show well.


In my case, I turned off Breadcrumb NavXT to cut down on one plugin using Yoast SEO.




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