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While organizing photos on Flickr, I came across a menu called Map. If you enter through the Orgainize menu, there is a menu called Map, and if you upload at least one picture here, a menu called Map appears in your personal home. I read the flickr blog Launch on August 8thIt looks like a .

If you want to see other people's photos on the map, you can click the Photos on a map menu that appears when you click the Explore drop-down button. no You can go directly to .

maps and pictures mash-up is made. You can use Ajax to navigate the map and view photos directly without switching pages.

location tagging (geotagging) is tagged by dropping a photo directly on the map, and the tagged photo is shown on the map.


As map information came out from navigators and the Internet, I thought it would be nice to be able to see photos by location on the map. In particular, digital cameras  EXIF When you see the GPS information being entered and attach the GPS receiver to the digital camera, the location information is automatically entered. all. but still GPS for Sony Cameras There are some digital cameras with built-in GPS, but there doesn't seem to be a general GPS that can be attached to a general digital camera. Digital Camera Manufacturers Efforts to Use GPSseems to do

GPS prices have also come down a lot, so I wonder if GPS for digital cameras will come out soon. Even if there is no GPS before that, it seems that you can manually input the X and Y coordinates. Flickr Map designates locations by dropping photos one by one on the map.

Yahoo! Using maps from maps and photos from Flickr, it seemed possible. If Flickr creates a field to store the location information of photos and an API to extract and store it, this is easily possible. Of course, cell phone vendors can store location information in pictures, so taking pictures with your phone won't require a GPS. If you look at , you don't need to have all of the maps, you just need a few travel guide maps.

Google Earth Mashup service using . me, etc. 나  wing bus seems to be using the flaws of maps and photos well as the theme of travel.

Flickr Maps is just a feature that lets you see photos on a map, but there are still more useful things to people when it comes to photos and location information.

By the way, it would be nice if someone could create a geotag plugin for ACDSee for ACDSee users. Not all photos are posted on Flickr.


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