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flickr ( is a site where you can share photos.

It has the convenience of using the interface of Windows software using Ajax, as well as the ability to share photos through rights and groups. There is also a function that allows you to take notes directly on the photo, but it gives you a different kind of fun because you can comment on the photo rather than the text.

Moreover, because we communicate through pictures, it seems that we can overcome the language barrier.

I like the Flickr Uploader for uploading photos. Flickr uploader is a Windows program that allows you to upload photos directly to Flickr by dragging and dropping them.


If you click the [upload] button, you can select the tag and which set to enter. A set is a set of photos. For example, if you have pictures of you going on an autumn picnic, you can create a set called Autumn Picnic and put them there.


When selecting a set, you can create a new set right away. It's a very simple tool, but it seems to have done a good job of analyzing user tasks.

Of course, you must have an ID on Flickr for this program, and when you install it for the first time, you log in with your ID and password. You can download the software from

At the same time as the price reduction and distribution of digital cameras, blogs and cyworlds have a lot of photos. I don't know whether there are more pictures on the Internet due to the increase in digital camera dissemination, or whether a digital camera is purchased to upload a lot of pictures, what is the cause or the result, but the number of Internet pictures has increased. (geek economics If you look at the Iranian book, you can find a story about correlation and causation.)

Focus group interviews with bloggers and interviews in usability tests showed how important it is to bloggers to easily post photos.

Uploading photos from a site that uses photos is the beginning of the photo lifecycle, so Flickr upload seems to play an important role in making uploading photos easier.

It's not that there aren't programs that allow you to upload photos to Windows programs. Photo printing sites also have their own uploaders, and Gugul's Picasa can also upload directly from the viewer.

I am not sure what causes and what is the effect of whether it is important to upload photos easily because there is value in uploading photos, or whether photos are valuable because they can be uploaded easily.

However, for users of products whose basic purpose is photography, being able to easily upload photos to the system seems to be an important point for users and products.



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