Transformation of camping lamp, LED with Bluetooth speaker

The third trip to Manai in 2020 Jirisan Dulle-gil4 course5 courseI walked and stayed camping, not a pension. My companion, a self-proclaimed deceased person in the camping world, made a suggestion.

We go camping together about once every two or three months, and each time we go, we bring new equipment and explain it to us.

After walking the Dulle-gil, returning to the campsite, turn on the music and prepare food and fire pit. However, I didn't have the Clover Friends speaker I always brought, but there was music.

When I asked where the speaker was, the lamp said it was the speaker. It is said that he brought the Clova Friends speaker because he gave it to an acquaintance.

Oh ~

It looks like a typical oil lamp.


However, this is an LED, not a light.

Besides, the bottom is a Bluetooth speaker, not a barrel of oil!

Oh cool!



It is also good to keep in the tent when sleeping. The lights come on and there's music.




Lamps are a product of old technology.


(photo source)


Nevertheless, like a light bulb that illuminates the darkness, the lamp is such a symbol.

Now, the technology has been changed to batteries and LEDs instead of light bulbs and gas, but the sensibility and experience remain the same.

In the interface design of products, metaphors and skeuomorphism are devices that move objects from the real world to the computer so that the use of the computer is not heterogeneous.

Interestingly, as technology advances, in the real world, the technology that implements and maintains the look and feel of an iconic product for its intended use changes.

LED lamps with Bluetooth speakers, as seen on the street in 2012 hearth electric heateris so

Here's another fun thing. Those who know oil lamps will have a strange feeling like a retro sensibility, but those who see it for the first time will accept it as a camping lamp without much feeling.

Even if the user experience is not a flashy interaction, it starts with these memories and emotions. in the experience economyalso reach Judging from this, the basic purpose of a person does not change much, and the inside of a tool changes, but its utility does not seem to have changed much.



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