Jirisan Dulle-gil Course 5 (Suchel → Donggang)

It has been 3 years since I walked the Jirisan Dulle-gil every fall. This year, on October 2020, 10, courses 24 and 4 were run. In the meantime, I slept in a guest house and fashion, but this time I camped for two nights.

Since I am walking instead of climbing Mt. Jira, I started with course 5 because I wanted to walk in a mountain or valley. 4 coursewalked up to

I've logged my beloved Reveler (Don't crash until I make one) roll tracking.

Looking at the satellite image, Course 5 is the upper right part of Mt. Jirisan. Sancheong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do.



If you look at the satellite image of Course 5 only, it starts on a flat ground, goes straight over a mountain, and goes down to the Donggang River along the valley.

Unlike other Dulle-gil, Jirisan Dulle-gil sometimes crosses a mountain during the course. It is also Jirisan!


Duration 3 hours 50 minutes (including 26 minutes break)

The distance and time recorded in Rambler are as follows.

  • Distance 12.6 km
  • Duration 3h 49m
  • Travel time 3h 22m
  • break 26m
  • Average speed 3.7 km/h
  • highest point 643 m
  • Total Acquisition Altitude 551 m
  • Difficulty


It was a slow walk for a man traveling with two men, and it took a total of 3 hours and 50 minutes. I sat at the top of the mountain and rested for about 20 minutes, then sat one or two more times and rested for about 5 minutes.


This screen is only visible during recording, and I captured it before quitting because the recording ended and I couldn't see much.



I wrote that it is difficult to climb a mountain, but once you climb the mountain, it is a downhill road.

If you look at the altitude, you can see that you have crossed a mountain.


I started the 4th course at Sucheol to continue the 5th course, but the incline was steep. If you start Course 5 at Donggang, it is not so urgent. That's why, when I walked, I saw people who started from Donggang and climbed up, but I didn't see people who started at Sucheol like us.


This is a 3D video created with a gpx file.



If you have a car, go to a place where you can easily catch a taxi from the arrival point.

One of the concerns when taking a car is whether to leave it at the starting point or return it to the destination.

However, the standard has been set for 3 years.

  1. Where you can catch a taxi upon arrival
  2. If you can catch a taxi, put it where it starts

I don't know if there is a Kakao taxi because it's a rural village, but when I turn on the app, it doesn't say it's not a road. Bus timings are very difficult. The taxi fare is not cheap because it is far away, but it is still convenient.

Leaving your car at the destination gives you the feeling of seeing the answer, so if you can catch a taxi, leave it at the starting point. You can see it on a map, but it is different from seeing the destination while walking.


Park in the parking lot of Sucheol Village Hall

You can start Course 5 from Sucheol, and there is a free parking lot.



You have to go up the mountain to the right from where the Jangseung is. If you just walk, you will not be able to hear the road well.

When you reach the top of the mountain, you can see the village below and the Donggang River in the distance. From here, it is a downhill road.

The wind hadn't blown yet.

The road from the mountain to the end of Course 5 is the village cement road.

When you enter the village, you will find an information center that is the starting point of Course 5 and the starting point of Course 4.


A WordPress plugin that displays gpx files recorded with Rambler on a map. WP GPX Mapsindicated using


The link below is provided so that you can download the GPX file in this path. For those of you who download this gpx file, the unrecorded section is manually connected with a line from the Rambler site.

Download GPX File   Jirisan Dulle-gil Course 5 (137 downloads)


RamblerYou can check not only the route but also the location of the photo on the map.



Jirisan Dulle-gil record

Jirisan Dullegil Map | my map


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