Jirisan Dulle-gil Course 4 (Donggang → Geumgye)

October 2020, 10, Jirisan Dulle-gil Course 5Started at , followed by 4 courses.


Looking at the satellite image, Course 4 is the upper right part of Mt. Jirisan. Sancheong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do.



Elapsed time 3 hours 35 minutes (including 10 minutes break)

It was almost flat, but the time was not much different from the 4 course.

It was recorded with Rambler, but there was no record of what was wrongly pressed when quitting. Fortunately, there was something captured. Ah! my record




It was almost flat, but before arriving, I climbed the mountain, walked about halfway down the mountain, and then went down.

The slope below is provided by Rambler, not my record, and the direction of movement is the opposite.



starting point

The course that starts at Donggang starts at the information center in the village. We walked on course 5 from Sucheol and continued on course 4, so we parked in the village of course 5.



Even here, we go up the mountain, but we do not go over the high mountain.


You can see the autumn blue sky and the mountains and villages.



Go to the East River There is a little water on this side and the leaves are beautiful.

This photo was taken on the bridge, but you must not cross this bridge. Don't cross the bridge, go back and go up the mountain. ,



As I was walking, I saw a small bamboo forest. Sometimes I saw bamboo.



Course 4 Geumgye End Point

Starting at the Donggang River and arriving at the end of course 4, I found that I walked 8 hours and 30 minutes in the first year I walked. Course 3 (Inwol → Geumgye) The ending point was the Golden Gate. I didn't even think of it, but I'm glad it's been 3 years.




Jirisan Dulle-gil record

Jirisan Dullegil Map | my map


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