Take a car to Jeju (Mokpo → Jeju, Queen Mary, discount)


Mokpo → Jeju by ferry


Departure from Mokpo at 1am and 9am

There are two ships, the Queen Mary and the Queen Genuvia, that take cars from Goal to Jeju Island, and they depart at 1 am and 9 am.

The photo was taken at the Mokpo International Passenger Terminal.



Depart from Mokpo at 9am, Queen Mary

The boat turns off well anyway, but to see the open sea even for a moment, I booked a ticket for the Queen Mary, which departs at 9 o'clock. (I've been accustomed to the term 'Pick-up', but it says 'Pick-out' in articles on the Internet or on ticket reservation sites.)


(photo source: website)


Cars have their own number tag, and ships have names. Like the Galactic Fleet Earth, the ship ends with something. Since the spaceship was based on a ship, it is attached to something like a ship. The reason this blog is called Dobiho is because it used the name of the ship.



Queen Mary fare


Queen Mary car fares

Search by vehicle type on the websiteThen you can see the price.


Reservation of people and car tickets in ticket heaven

 10% discount on person tickets

People get a discount if they make a reservation through Ticket Heaven, a site that makes ticket reservations.

Each ship is different, but it is usually 10%, and for ships that depart at 1am, 50% is due to events. Discounts and discount rates are not directly visible on the website, but if you search on the reservation screen, the discount rates for each ship timetable are displayed.

If you book on BaePyo.com, you get a 10% discount on Queen Mary. Instead, you have to make a deposit. Reservation is made after payment is confirmed. You can pay with a credit card instead of giving a discount on the website of the SeaWorld Express Ferry website.

Economy with a room is 32,300 won, but it is 10 won with a 27,800% discount. Since we are going together, 10% is not a small amount. But on weekdays, low-cost airlines cost 1 won to 15000 won, so boats are more expensive than planes.



It seems that Baepyo.com and SeaWorld Express Ferry are not systematically linked, but when a user applies for a reservation on BaePyo.com, the person confirms the deposit and makes a reservation for SeaWorld Express Ferry and sends a text message.

The reservation process at Bae Pyo.com is as follows.

  1. Reservation 'apply' on Bae Pyo.com.
  2. Receive and deposit the following information via text message:
  3. After payment, you will receive a text message confirming your reservation.



Apply for cash receipt

After depositing, you can pay again by credit card. From the customer center menu on the homepage Apply for a cash receiptI applied for a place to do it. Write on the bulletin board.


Reservation changes

Suddenly, something happened and I had to postpone the date, but the customer center did not answer the phone after 6 pm. of the homepage Q&A bulletin boardChange it by writing on it.

There is a system for the reservation request form, but the rest is a bulletin board and socialize with people. Although the site lacks a lot of IT, if you write an article on the bulletin board, a reply is immediately posted.


I made a deposit after a long time and wrote it on the bulletin board and tried to change it, but unless it is a site with a lot of users, I don't think there will be any problem if people respond well to this. It's 20 years ago, but the response is quick.



Car Reservation, 20% discount on Queen Mary (until December 2020, 12)

On the event page of the SeaWorld Express Ferry site, the Queen Mary was  2020% discount on cars for one year in 1do.


If you make a reservation on the SeaWorld Express Ferry site, you can make a reservation with a credit card right away, but people do not receive a 10% discount, so we made a reservation together at the ticketing heaven.

  1. Unlike a person ticket, if you reserve a car at the ticketing heaven, you will receive an alert message with your account number from SeaWorld Express Ferry to KakaoTalk.
  2. I called because it was possible to pay by credit card over the phone. There was no phone number in Alim Talk, so I changed the chatbot to agent mode and asked for a number. I called 1577-3567, got my credit card information, and paid by card.



 Reservations cannot be made through distribution.com one day before departure.

If you want to make a reservation one day in advance, you need to make a reservation through the SeaWorld Express Ferry website. I don't know the person boarding ticket, but I don't know if the car will have an empty seat the day before. Even though it was a weekday and three days before, there were not many remaining car reservations.





Boarding in Mokpo


Mokpo Port International Passenger Terminal

Ferry to Jeju Island Mokpo Port International Passenger Terminaldeparts from It is different from the Mokpo Coastal Passenger Terminal, which goes to and from the islands off the coast of Sinan-gun. It is on the right side facing the sea. should not be confused You need to search for Mokpo Port International Passenger Terminal in the navigation.

First, you load the vehicle, then go to the passenger terminal with the shipping request you received when loading the vehicle and buy the vehicle and person boarding pass. So, if you have a companion, drop them off at the passenger terminal and move the vehicle to the loading area next to it.

The Fumiri can load vehicles from the left side while looking at the sea and the passenger terminal.

It's on the website and it's been moved.

(image source)


6:30~8:1 Vehicle loading (Closed at 8:XNUMX, XNUMX hour before departure)

Passengers must disembark at the terminal and only load vehicles. After loading the vehicle, the driver must also get off and go to the terminal.

According to an acquaintance who went first, loading and disembarking vehicles comes first, and if they are loaded, they are unloaded first. The queue method is FIFO (First In First Out). This is because in Mokpo, the loading of vehicles enters the rear part and stops from the front part, and when disembarking, the vehicle waits in the front part.

I woke up early in the morning and just left and arrived at Mokpo Port at 6:30.

When you enter the loading area, there are guides standing there. There was no need to prove otherwise as it was verified by the vehicle number. The guide will give you a shipping request. Submit when purchasing tickets.

(Vehicle Shipment Request Form)


Receive a vehicle shipment request and ship it to the Queen Mary.


Follow the instructions of the crew on the deck of the ship to stop the car. The truck seems to be standing on the first floor, and it goes up to the second floor.

Hook the vehicle to keep it from moving.

When you get off, remember where you are on the deck. There is a floor on the ship, and there is a separate deck number, so you have to remember the floor and deck number separately.

In my case, it's on the 2nd deck, but it's on the 4th floor.



go to the ticket office


The driver must walk out into the car and go to the ticket office.



cancel the boarding pass

Go to the ticket office with your ID and vehicle shipment request. After the Seohae Ferry incident, a law came into force that required all IDs to be submitted on boarding tickets. Just like writing your name and cell phone number when entering a restaurant to conduct an epidemiological investigation in the era of Corona 19, the West Sea Ferry was created because it was impossible to know who was on the ship when the ship sank. The reason we can know who was on the Sewol ferry is because there was a law to write down personal information when boarding the ship in the case of the Seohae Ferry incident. So, when you board a boat to go to Udo or an island, personal information is written down.

You have to stand one at a time, but here you just need to show your ID. If you have a companion, one person can bring all their IDs and hang up.


vehicle boarding pass


Boarding from 8:10






By boat: Queen Mary




Economy Class


Economy, the cheapest ticket, is a room, not a seat.

Nowadays people expect seats on ships, but usually ships have rooms. The first time I boarded a ship with seats was in the early 1980s when high-speed boats appeared.

The advance ticket is 35,000 won, which is much more expensive than a low-cost aircraft.


Bring a blanket or pillow

It was a room, so I brought a pillow, blanket, and long padding to the car in advance and slept on it. The room has a warm fan, but the floor doesn't heat up. It is also a good idea to bring a blanket. Those who do not prepare for this can be seen sleeping.

arcade, movie theater, convenience store

There is a small movie theater and an arcade, perhaps a cross-sun concept. Looking at the entrance to the cinema, I didn't go in because they were showing old Western movies. There was a convenience store and there was a place to eat with hot water, so there were people who ate cup noodles.



restaurant, beer, coffee

If you go out on the deck and go upstairs, there is a restaurant, beer and Paris Baguette on the same floor as the wheelhouse.


If you haven't eaten breakfast, you can have lunch. I took a picture of the restaurant menu, but the price and menu seem to be good. I was going to eat bibimbap, but I couldn't eat it because I was sleeping.


Paris Baguette

Coffee is not expensive either. I sat here and tried to code while watching the sea, but I couldn't sleep because of this. 😆





Disembark at Jeju Island


Arrive at 1:30 pm, travel time 4 hours and 30 minutes

The guide says it takes 4 hours to arrive at 1pm, but it seems to depend on the tide level and the berthing condition of other ships in the port.


Jeju Port was photographed as the ship docked at the port.

In the Corona era, after arrival, check the temperature of the Jeju official and board the vehicle

According to an acquaintance who had been there before, they got on the car about 20 minutes before arrival and left when all the general passengers got off. In the Corona era, thermal checks were required, so both the driver and passengers boarded the vehicle after a thermal check by a Jeju-do official.

When ordinary passengers get off, they stand in line in the hallway leading to the deck of the vehicle, and when an official comes up, they go to the deck after checking the temperature.

It took about 30 minutes from the time the ship reached Jeju Port to get out of the vehicle. In my case, at 6:30 in the morning, the car was loaded and put in the front, but it took that long.




It feels a bit strange to drive a car I used to ride in Seoul and on land in Jeju Island. I don't know if this car can go back to Seoul.



my map


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