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Personally, I like the word design. Because design means designing in order to make something, or to do something, before that.

When I was obsessed with object-oriented modeling, I was once an object-oriented designer, I was a program designer, I was a UI designer, and now I do research design.

design vs. design I've thought about it, but people seem to think of design as something related to look and feel, not design.

I really wondered if design is look and feel, not design. So I wanted to know if it was the case in other countries as well, but there was an opportunity for the UED team of Yahoo! to get together. was in taipei 2006 Yahoo! Interaction Design Conferenceasked designers in each country. To inquire about the role of a designer, we decided to ask about the output.

“What is the designer’s output?” “Did you draw with a photo shovel? Or is it wireframe?”

The answer is that all countries are the product of photoshovel work.


Kookmin University’s design project drawn last year Professor Ho-seop YunHe came to this company and gave a lecture, and the professor said, “Aren’t our designers and designers communicating visually?” Hearing this, I wondered if the designers were people who made visual representations.


Design~In is in charge of look and feel and emotion

I didn't major in design, but the design I felt is in charge of the look and feel, so it seems to play a role in sensibility. In the end, design seems to be a function of how to show it, not what functions and content to use and how to use it. It also seems to be a visual representation in many cases.

Of course, there are many designs such as product design, editorial design, and interior design as well as visual design. However, architectural design and program design are different from design.

Learning or being good at something is different. Designers and designers take a drawing test and go to university, so it seems that many people are good at drawing or like to draw, and design people seem to study math or modeling in many cases.


Two Notations of Design

When I use the design I defined here, in my blog Traffic police made more dangerous by design Like “design~in”, I write “design” in other places, and when I use it in the meaning of design, I should write “design”.

There is also a design phase in the research work you are currently doing. In other words, it is the stage of designing the research. However, when I wrote “design” in Korean or wrote “design”, I saw that people stopped and started writing “design” after that.

In addition, interaction design does not create a look and feel, but rather design what functions or content to contain and how to use them in order to achieve a person's purpose. Interaction design is design, not design. seems to be Come to think of it, 'UI design' or 'interaction design' seems to be better than 'interaction design'.

seen today “This time, Andre Kim” Samsung Electronics launches new high-end home appliances , Article that Andre Kim designed home appliances Design seems to be talking about design.

The performance is the same as the existing product, but as the design is strengthened, the overall product price is about 10 to 15% higher.

“How can people store things in the refrigerator well?”, “How can I easily get water out and drink it?” It seems that the surface of the refrigerator was designed in the style of Andre Kim for “how to look stylish” instead of “how to look stylish”.

This time, Andre Kim, Samsung Electronics launch a new high-end home appliance

I don't know what the designers will think.


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