Wordpress comments I have been using for over 10 years disqus bye~

comments on my blog disqus pluginwrite But for some reason, the text of the comment did not appear because it was a css problem of disqus. The same goes for other blogs. disqus will fix it and leave it.

Today, I see the text of the comment. However, there were two identical Google Adsense ads. I remember when I put two of them to test it, so it was visible even after I removed the ad code. Upon closer inspection, it seemed that disqus was displaying advertisements. When I turned off the disqus plugin, the ads under the comments disappeared.

I went to the disqus site. pay The policy has been started, and even if it's a minimal product, you have to change it to a paid product to get rid of ads. It seems that disqus switched from free to freemium model.



There are too many ads if you include ads that test ads in my ads, which cost about hosting costs, and even disqus ads.

When I went to disqus, I first joined in March 2010. I've been in charge of comments on my blog for over 3 years, but I'm sorry that I hardly ever get to comment and I'm not in a position to change it to a paid one, but I turned off the plugin.

If my blog generates revenue and gets a lot of comments, I will use disqus for a fee and contribute financially so that disqus can continue to provide services. I'm sorry.


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