How to update Apple AirPods and AirPods Pro firmware

The AirPods Pro have a Spatial Audio feature. This feature is not available in the current firmware version and requires updating the AirPods Pro's firmware, and is available in iOS 14 or later. No AirPods, only AirPods Pro.

I looked for the AirPods firmware update menu in the settings of the iPhone, but there was no menu. It turns out that AirPods firmware is updated automatically when connected, unlike OS update. It's a bit unclear, so I've summarized it for later viewing.


How to check the firmware version of AirPods and AirPods Pro

You can check it in the settings menu of the iPhone while the AirPods are connected to the iPhone.


  1. In your iPhone settings, open General > About.
  2. When AirPods are connected, the name of the AirPods is shown as shown below, and if you tap the name, the information of the AirPods is displayed.



Firmware version 3A283 is the latest version as of September 2020, and it is a version that provides a sense of space.



How to update AirPods firmware

There is no explicit button to update the firmware.

Put the AirPods in the charger and open the lid to connect to the iPhone as shown below. At this time, the iPhone checks the AirPods version and automatically downloads and installs it. I left the lid open to keep the AirPods and iPhone connected. The AirPods Pro didn't stand up with the lid open, so I held it for a few minutes.




It is convenient to rest the lid of the AirPods against the MacBook.


However, I was frustrated because I couldn't see the download or installation process. In my case, after about 15 minutes, I checked the firmware version and it was updated.



One of the basic principles of usability is that feedback should let the user know what the system is doing. What follows then is the principle that the user should be able to control it. A typical example is a button that can cancel while in progress.


When you buy an Apple Watch and connect it to your iPhone, install it or update the Apple Watch OS, you can't cancel it because it's installed, but you can see the progress. However, it is frustrating that the firmware does not show the progress itself. It's good to take care of it like Apple, but I want to update it because I want to use a new function, but it's frustrating because I can't control it.

Anyway, the spatial sense of audio is amazing!!!



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