HP Laptop Shows Invisible Caps Lock

I entered a password for a site I frequently visit, but the password is wrong. Eh? The same goes for re-entering.

I looked for a light to see if Caps Lock was on, wondering if I was holding down the Caps Lock button that would force me to type in capital letters. It's security.

Usually the laptop is on the numeric keyboard, but I can't see it.

What~ Where did this go? and looked at the laptop keyboard.

I think the Caps Lock button was pressed. And there's a green light on the left.



It didn't do it like other laptops, and in its own way, it appears to indicate the state of the button next to the button.

If one button toggles ON/OFF, the ON/OFF status may be indicated by the button being pressed or by lighting the button itself to indicate the status. This is usually the button that turns on the light.

The effort is imaginary, but in this case it's a bummer.

This is because in the context of use, the user cannot see the indicator light.

I asked the person behind me to take a picture from the left on purpose so I could see some light. In reality, the person who puts their finger on the keyboard cannot see the light because it is covered by the left finger.



Not all HP notebooks are like this. This is the third HP laptop, only this model (Compaq nc4200).

Far from giving commands and displaying feedback is a bad UI.

However, giving commands and giving feedback without taking into account the context of such use is a shortcut to pissing off users.

Yahoo! Video Upload Bad Design Case Esau was upset because there was no feedback.

It seems that just giving feedback is not enough. I think we've learned that we need to consider the context in which we're using it.


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