Remove the 40-minute limit on Zoom, if you have a school email

Freemium model

Zoom allows up to two people to have a video conference without time limit. However, from 2 people, the meeting time cannot exceed 3 minutes. After 40 minutes, it automatically disconnects and you have to create a room again and invite again.

If 3 or more people spend more than 40 minutes, you will have to pay a fee. Zoom is a so-called Freemium sales strategy and marketing strategy that encourages people to use Zoom for free to some extent and then switch to paid for more advanced features or longer use.


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Zoom is developed in China and has servers in China, which prevents the U.S. government from using Zoom during the U.S.-China trade war. Someone suddenly came in during a meeting or class, and there was a function to dial a password later.

Well, it is easy to use and the quality is not bad, so it seems to be used a lot at work and school.


Marketing for schools

If you want to attend a meeting of a company that requires 3 or more people to participate or a lecture at a school or a private institute for more than 40 minutes in a row, you must pay a fee.

However, Zoom has been criticized for security issues, but there seem to be people who know how to market it by rowing when water enters.

Temporarily signing up for a school account during COVID-19 removes the 40-minute limit.

In fact, school marketing is a long-term marketing strategy. Apple did an academy version in the early days, and even now, the academy makes it a little cheaper. It is said that the experience of going to school is used even when going out to society. Of course, I knew that Yahoo!'s Kookie or Naver's Juniper would use the service when they were big, but I knew it wasn't.

Corona 19 is a little different from the academy strategy so far. I'm a student, so there's a reason other than making it a little cheaper. This is for students who are unable to attend school due to Corona 19 and are taking online classes at home. Moreover, although this service is for online meetings, it is terribly cheap and terribly easy compared to Webex like Cisco.



If you sign up for Zoom with your school email account, there is no limit of 3 minutes for 40 or more people.


I saw on Zoom's blog that it started in March.did. It is said to be a K-12 school, but Korea is also in the national scope.

I don't know if the school account manager needs to apply to Zoom or if the school domain such as is registered in advance. According to an acquaintance of the university computer lab, when you apply for another school domain, you do not receive a reply quickly.

Once you have a school email account, access by URLI think you should try signing up.

Sign up through the link indicated by the arrow in Step 1 below.


I also just signed up Well, Zoom's email account doesn't matter, there's a separate link for meetings.

It seems that it is necessary to have an account. Even if you are a college graduate, depending on the school, you may also receive an e-mail account, so it is a good idea to check it. In recent years, Google's gsuit has been aggressively selling to Korean universities, giving them unlimited Google Drive.


When you sign up and open your profile, a banner appears at the top. then it will be free


sign up for zoom 프로필When you click on it, a banner like the one below will appear.

“Important Notice: Zoom has increased the meeting time of three or more people from the 40-minute limit on your free basic account to an unlimited meeting time temporarily effective for educational institutions impacted by the coronavirus.”



It's temporary, but I don't think there will be any inconvenience to the school's online lectures.

Later, when Corona 19 is over and you get used to it and there are a lot of information and tips related to it, you will continue to use Zoom unless you get a very innovative and easy-to-use service, and if Zoom doesn't do things like security issues.

It is a marketing and sales strategy that goes beyond experiential marketing that lets you experience it, and makes you look good beyond freemium, which you get used to for free.


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