Yahoo! Video Upload Bad Design Case

After the snow show, I had to share the video I took on the spot with other family members. Yahoo! video  I uploaded a 42MB video file to .

However, when I press the send command, only a message is displayed on the screen stating that it is uploading.

1. Is the file being uploaded now?
2. How many files have been uploaded now?
3. I didn't know how much was left, or how long it was going to end.
4. So I thought about quitting A, but there was no cancellation either.



I was thinking about closing the browser, but I decided to take a screen capture and let it all go up.

After a while, I noticed that everything was uploaded.

While I was able to achieve my original purpose of trying to upload, this user was pissed off and wanted to give up. I'd probably have canceled the upload if it hadn't been to see what's going on.

It is said that the basic need for the user who gives the command is to want to know and control what the computer is doing. (It's an old saying, and I've mentioned it in so many documents, I can't remember exactly which one it was)

Satisfying these things is the basis of product design centered on the person who uses it, not the product design centered on the person who makes it.

Uploading files is probably the most important part of the entire process on a video site.
However, if a small difference pisses off the uploader, you may want to consider another site that makes file uploads easier.

A small difference can make a terrifyingly big difference.


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