Keep your airplane mobile boarding pass in your iPhone wallet

There is an app for storing credit card information called Wallet on the iPhone. It first came out in iOS 6 and back then  passbook It was named Iran, and the name was changed in iOS 9.


However, Korea does not yet have a credit card that supports Apple Pay, so it cannot be used.



Apple Pay is not accepted, but membership card storage

Credit cards are not accepted, but membership cards can be stored and used.

I also use some membership cards by registering them in my wallet. The advantage of Wallet is that it can be opened quickly without internet access by turning on the membership app. Nowadays, you can enter your mobile phone number instead of a membership card, so there is no need to use a membership card.



Save your airplane mobile boarding pass to your wallet

Nowadays, more and more airlines are issuing mobile boarding passes rather than accepting paper tickets.

It is convenient because you can do it on mobile instead of going to the airport and waiting in line or at a kiosk to close the boarding pass. Instead, there is no paper ticket, so you have to capture or open the screen received through the airline's app or KakaoTalk and show it.

Show your boarding pass more than three times.

  • When you show your boarding pass and passport or resident ID for check-in
  • If you are overseas and you are asked to show your luggage when checking it
  • When passing through the gate to board the plane
  • When you just get on the plane and show it to the flight attendants

Digital is convenient, but compared to paper, having to open an iPhone to open an app or show a captured screen is a little inconvenient.

Usually, the screen captures the app or mobile boarding pass web screen, finds it in the photo app, and shows the captured screen, but some airlines can store it in Apple's wallet on the mobile boarding pass issuance screen.

If you save it to the wallet app, you can quickly open it.

The airlines that can be stored in Apple Wallet are as follows. There may be more from my experience and what I found on the internet.

  • Asiana
  • Korean Air
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Jeju Air X (November 2021, 11 check result does not work. The function seems to work, but it does not appear in the wallet. I contacted customer service after knowing it was an iOS 3 problem. They said it was temporarily suspended after the system reorganization. There are fewer reasons to use it.)





There is no gate number information in the wallet, so it must be remembered separately.

There is no gate number in the wallet to board the plane. So, you have to remember the gate number when doing mobile ticketing.

Perhaps the gate number may be changed, so it doesn't seem to be saved. It would be nice to be able to take notes, but I can't. The advantage is the most inconvenient.




airplane ticket album

In overseas travel, plane tickets are always a subject of record or boast, so I used to take photos of plane tickets, but these days, except for international flights, it is almost like a receipt from a mart, so you can't have an analog experience like that.

If you put it in the Wallet app instead, you can see the ticket in the app, although it sometimes disappeared because it expired. For paper tickets for international flights, the remainder is often kept in the passport, but if you keep it in your wallet, you can see it from time to time.




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