A person who takes pictures of themselves every day and a couple who take pictures every Christmas Eve have in common

I want to see how my face changes, so since 2003, when I go to work early, I use my webcam to take a picture of my face.

However, for three years from 2001 to 2004, A woman who takes pictures every day and turns them into videosis said to be there. It's really great.

But today I saw that there are worse people. The man who took his face for 6 yearsthere is It has been filming since 1998.  this guy blogThere are photos taken from 98 to now.




I suddenly remembered that there was another person who had gone through the trouble of taking pictures like this on a regular basis.

that's right Why does time pass faster as you get older > This is a picture of the Wagners in .

Anna Wagner and Richard Wagner, who lived in Berlin, got married in 1900 and then every year on Christmas Eve they took a picture of themselves and sent it to their friends as Christmas cards. It is said that the photos were taken every year until 1942, and these photos were taken in Berlin in 1996. Deutsche weihnacht: ein Familienalbum It is said to have been published as a book.



The two in front photographed their faces every day, while the Wagners photographed each year on Christmas Eve in front of the Christmas tree in the same location.

If you look at the photos taken every year, it is said that you can see the aging of the couple, the slaughter, household appliances, famine, war, and changes in society. In particular, it is said that you can see the life of a couple during the two world wars.

It is not known why the Wagners took pictures every year, but I don't know if they did it every year to show off their love to their friends or to make memories. When there was a famine, I wrote the word famine on a piece of paper and took a picture with it.

It is said that people are not very good at remembering everyday things.

I think the reason people take pictures of themselves like this, or the Wagners, at the same time every year is to remember a life that has come and gone.

It is said that his time continues to flow in one direction, non-stop. And at the same time, it is said that we sleep and stay awake, but continue to grow old and eventually die.

After all, what we are trying to remember is trying to resist time, and what we are trying to remember is not the self in time.


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