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Filtering, recommending as a way to save people from the flood of informationThere is a way to recommend content in one's social network and filter information through friends to receive recommendations.

In fact, recently, content is recommended in the social network service to which one belongs, and the recommended article is being talked about in the social service. I didn't know it was because there weren't many domestic users at the time, but Twitter seems to have a ripple effect. Here, Facebook and MeXNUMXday also have networks in them, so the content moves around.

If a provider such as a portal creates, finds, edits, and publishes it in a gathering place, people consumed the content there. Now, people find external content, recommend it to their friends in their network, introduce it, and consume it. It's an interesting phenomenon.

Each social service provides a way to spread external content into its own network. There are plugins and scripts for WordPress, like ReTweet on Twitter and Scrap or Like on Facebook.

I looked it up and there is a way to send it to meXNUMXday, so I put it together for wordpress.

Send to meXNUMXday requirements

I recommend the current article to my friends on meXNUMXday.

Click Send to me2day, display the title and link of the current article in the input window of meXNUMXday, and click the upload button to register immediately. Double-click to send a WordPress post to meXNUMXday.

The detailed requirements are as follows:

1. It would be nice if you could summon me on meXNUMXday so that I could know

It's like marking my Twitter @ when I RT on Twitter so I know.

2. Put a link in the title

Since meXNUMXday does not automatically put a link, it puts a link in the title.

3. Shorten URLs when linking.

MeXNUMXday does not count the number of characters in the case of links. If you want to know the statistics about the link, use the ID and api key of

word press source code

I've narrowed it down to three options. You just need to add the source code for each situation to the appropriate location of single.php in your template file.

Method 1. Send me on meXNUMXday without summoning me + without shortening the URL

Add the following source code to a suitable location for sending to meXNUMXday.

'>Send to me2day

Method 2. Summon me on meXNUMXday + send to meXNUMXday without shortening the URL

If you have a meXNUMXday account, if you summon me, when a blog post goes up on meXNUMXday, it summons me so that I can know.

Replace the dobiho part below with your meXNUMXday ID.

<a href=’[body]=<?php echo “\dobiho\: ""; the_title(); echo “":”;?>'>Send to meXNUMXday

Method 3. Summon me of meXNUMXday + shorten URL and send to meXNUMXday

1. For WordPress Simple URL Shortener to install

2. Replace the dobiho part below with your meXNUMXday ID.

3. Put the desired shortened URL service in the second parameter of simple_url_shortene().

If you do not create a account, you can just enter

<a href=’[body]=<?php echo “\dobiho\: ""; the_title(); echo “":”;?> '>Send to meXNUMXday

If you have an account at, you can enter the key and id in the bold font below.

<a href=’[body]=<?php echo “\dobiho\: ""; the_title(); echo “":”;?>+key&apikey=R_41a191b7045dec5f2921676ab71ebd6c&login=dobiho&cache=no');?>'>Send to meXNUMXday

My single.php encoding was wrong or Korean could not be saved, so I just set it to 'send to me2day'.

It is said that Naver's #MeToo button will be created, such as Facebook's Like button. Until then, it can be used like Facebook's scrap or Twitter's ReTweet button.


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