2006 Yahoo! Interaction Design Conference

2006 Yahoo! I came to Taipei, Taiwan to attend an interaction design conference.

It's not a conference, it's Yahoo! This is a conference hosted by the dot-com UED. Yahoo! in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, London, Australia, India and USA! has participated.


Interaction Design Conference


This ID (Interaction design) conference was held last year at the Yahoo! It can be said that it is worthwhile inwardly because I made several claims to various people at the design conference. Poor English, but Yahoo! The team leader and international manager of UED's Methods&Pracitce team insisted on ID training for our producers several times, and then again, the UED head. 래리He also talked about the situation in Korea during the meeting and asked him to create an educational opportunity at the cost of the head office as much as possible.

The reason why they argued that ID education was not necessary in English is because, compared to the importance, there are few people who have received ID education properly in Korea.

At Yahoo! in the United States, the UI is responsible for the ID of the design team, that is, UED (User Experience Design). Basically, when it comes to design, in Korea, we think of visual design as design! on my blog design and designThere is an article I have been thinking about, so please refer to it.

Anyway, Yahoo! Although hosted by UED, this year we had a lot of producers in attendance. I gave up my ID, but Y! As the head of US Methods&Team told me at the first meeting in Taipei, I think it was a good thing because many Korean producers attended as I wanted.

(It is a picture of drawing a storyboard with a persona and attaching it to the wall)

I thought to present an eye tracking study on changes in the Internet consumer purchasing behavior process or front page reorganization, or to introduce research methods and examples in the interaction design process, but I was unable to prepare for the presentation due to current issues.

However, international conferences are always beneficial because they allow us to rethink the ID process for the first time in a long time, and learn about research points and methods, as well as market conditions in various countries, as well as the sensitive conditions of organizations.


They formed a group on Flickr and shared their photos with each other.

flickr  yahoo_idconference_taiwan_2006 groupcan be seen in

my map


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