What people know as HCI

I think  HCI fieldThe things that are known to people a lot in , seem to be user interface, usability, and user experience.

I thought of this in historical order.

The academic field of HCI originally started with psychology and computer science based on human information processing models, but perhaps the majority of people interested in HCI were initially interested in user interface and then in usability. It's like.

Before HCI was established academically in 1982, user interfaces were already approaching the field of computer science. Usability was also approached in the field of ergonomics before HCI was established as a discipline. Then HCI was born. And from CHI2000, the term User Experience was used in earnest.

People's interests seem to be reflected in search keywords. I was curious to see the trend of how many people searched for this keyword. therefore Google Trends In user interface, usability, hci, user experience in this order Search by entering keywordsI tried

Here is the result:



Unfortunately there is no data before 2004, but the results are interesting.

User interface comes first, then usabiity, then hci. In 1, usability and hci are becoming similar. Compared to the other keywords, user experience seems to be still in the third. The results seem to be similar to the historical sequence mentioned earlier.

However, if you look at the news search keyword graph, it can be seen that the more recent news comes, the greater the search volume of user experience, which is similar to usability. The user interface is still number one. Perhaps in the news, it is used in articles related to users and products.

It seems that many people know HCI as a field that does user interface design or usability testing. People majoring in HCI will jump, but if you look at the trend and relative volume of search keywords, it seems that people are known that way.


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