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Find programs installed on your computer

When searching for a program installed on the computer, it can be found in the menu method managed by the operating system (in the case of Windows, through the Start menu or in the case of Mac, in the application folder). You can also place it on your desktop or desktop and click right away.

in the mac quicksilverThere is a free program launcher (a program that finds and runs programs) called , which makes it very comfortable to find programs. LaunchyThere is a program called If you use both Mac and Windows Os, it is good to install Launchy on Windows.




A search engine called Spotlight has a similar feature on Mac, so you can use Spotlight without installing Quick Silver.


Quicksilver is a program that searches for and runs programs.

Searching for a program using Quicksilver can be thought of as finding a program by searching.

It's like finding a website instead of looking for a web document on the Internet. Ten years ago, among the proposals for menu design by telecommunication companies, I was asked to show the titles of CPs when searching, but it is a similar concept. In fact, this is the same as finding an ISP containing not only articles but also clubs and contents when searching for PC communication. When you return to the web, it is similar to searching for a category with that product group instead of the corresponding product when searching in shopping.

The basic function of Quicksilver is to search for programs and run them.

From here on, it is the same as the interaction called search.

If you modify the options among Quicksilver's search methods, you can perform a gradual search. Progressive search is an interaction design pattern that I named, and whenever I enter a search word by Korean character, it searches immediately and shows the search results. The idea of ​​this design pattern was obtained from the fact that search results are displayed every time you type each Korean character when searching for a word in English pictures for Windows about 5 years ago, and it has been applied to the stock price inquiry window of Internet financial services. Searching on Apple's site and seeing the search results immediately is similar to this, and the Live Search plugin that came out as a WordPress plugin about 6 or XNUMX years ago is similar to this.

It is not planned that the search results come out every time you input each Hangul character, but rather the performance that the search results come out immediately every time you input them should be supported.

When showing a program, the utility of name and icon, which is one of the basics of interaction design, is again related. Use a method that shows the name together like an icon.


You only need to remember the first letter of the program name

And it determines which program to show first for the search term according to the relevance of the search term and the frequency of use at the same time. If this goes well, if you type Hangul, frequently used programs are displayed first, and at the same time, they are selected, so just hit enter and it will be executed.

For example, if you just type e when searching for excel, a list of programs starting with e appears, and Excel is preselected among them.


I'm not sure, but Quicksilver seems to learn how often to use it.

It is a way to search for the program name, so you need to remember the program name. When the graphical user environment first appeared, I was told that icons were important and that I didn't have to remember the program name or command, but if I use Quicksilver, I have to remember the program name backwards. But in fact, in my case, it seems that I do not remember the program name, but only the first letter.

If you use Quicksilver to find a program by searching, of course you use the keyboard instead of the mouse, so it is convenient to open Quicksilver by designating it as a hotkey. This is also a matter of replacing devices, which is one of the basics of interaction design, so it is convenient to use all of them as a keyboard.

Compared to the command-type user environment, the graphical user environment has made a big change in that you do not memorize commands, but simply click the icons on the screen with the mouse. And sometimes, like software programmers, I feel like I'm typing something on the keyboard (I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing)

Quick Silver not only finds and executes a program, but also executes commands such as writing an e-mail, writing a schedule, or adjusting the image size.

Here, we only deal with finding and executing programs.



quicksilver Downloadableand install it Mac only.


Modify option

In Preferences, if you uncheck 'Reset search after' as shown in the picture, you can enter each Korean character slowly without continuously inputting.


Quicksilver option


hotkey assignment

In my case, it was assigned with the Control + Space key. I changed it because I use Quicksilver more frequently than Spotlight. And I never use the Caps Lock key. Assign the Caps Lock key as a control keydid it So, when you open Quicksilver, you open it with the Caps Lock + Space key.

For reference, I use shift + space key to switch between Korean and English, and comment + space key for spotlight.

If, like me, you do not use Quicksilver to find documents, but only search for programs, check the catalog only in the application folder in the options in Quicksilver.



Finally, set it to run automatically when you log in to your Mac.

Quicksilver option


This program is no longer being updated. No problem though. Developer joined Google Quick Search Box for Macmade Like Spotlight, it finds not only programs but also songs and people, but when it first came out, I installed it and then deleted it.

Some people use only one spotlight when searching for programs or documents or people, but I use Quicksilver for the program and Spotlight for the others. Google Desktop Search is also useful, but it repeatedly said that I deleted it after using it several times because of double indexing, using hard disk space and CPU.

Here, I dealt with finding and opening a program rather than searching for documents, but I am still satisfied with just one Quicksilver.

When I first switched from Windows to Mac in 2007, I searched the Internet and found many articles recommending Quicksilver. In my case, programs such as image resizing with Quicksilver do not use commands and are simply used to find the program, but when I actually use it, it really seems to improve the computer environment dramatically.

I highly recommend Quicksilver to anyone using a Mac.

If you use this, you may be able to search for apps on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. On the first screen of the iPhone, press the home button once and a search box will appear. Of course, this is a case of memorizing only a few names of frequently used applications. If you flick through the page to find, jailbreak, or install iOS4 and put apps in a folder, you may find it with the first few letters of the app name instead of looking through the folder.

For more information on Quick Silver 여기It is also good to refer to



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