Positioning research and marketing messages

The research team conducts research on market positioning, and through this, the marketing team establishes consumer communication strategies for positioning in the market.

Communication strategy sounds grandiose, but as you can see in the cartoon below, one clear and user-acceptable marketing message can determine the success or failure of the market.


editorial king

source: 스포츠 서울 Cartoon serialized <Trauma> (Written and illustrated by Kwak Baek-soo) 2004. 8. 12.



The contents of the book did not change, only the title was changed from <Korean Wildflowers> to <Korean Wildflowers in Textbooks>.

Perhaps it would have sold more if it had been replaced with <Korean Wildflowers in the Scholastic Ability Test>.


That's right. Marketing doesn't touch the product here. You can just see that we have created the communication so that it can be sold in the market. Marketing plays the role of a point of contact to communicate with consumers, and it can be seen that the role of that point of contact has a great influence on whether or not to sell in the market.

Manga just changed the title easily, but unless you're the editor, you can't just do it.

Where ordinary people work, research is the foundation. To get a marketing message for your product to sell on the market, ask the editor-in-chief as in a fortune teller or cartoon, or positioningYou need to do research for And you do targeting. At the same time, no matter how much a researcher conducts a positioning investigation and suggests a direction for targeting, if the right message cannot be drawn, it is not as good as not doing research.



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