Wicked spam comments

It is said that comments on blogs are a source of strength for bloggers.

However, there are also spam comments on this blog that advertise. If you see a blog with a lot of spam comments, leaving the blog unattended sometimes feels negative, and spam comments with adult words or several advertising words blur the water of other normal comments As a result, bloggers diligently delete spam comments.

word press is Spam Karma 2 pluginYou can block most spam comments in advance. You can occasionally go in and filter out only non-spam among the blocked comments. When filtering, we have to find the real comments, not the advertisements, but most of the time, we see if there are advertising keywords such as adult keywords and loans in the comments.

Recently, there were normal comments on the list filtered by spam comments, so I took them out of spam. Then I clicked the homepage in the comments and it went to a strange site.

Ah! It was a spam comment.

However, the content of the comment was not the content of an advertisement, but the content of a general comment, which was strange.

Upon closer inspection, the content of the spam comment was the same as the content of the preceding comment. Only the website link was inserted with a link to the advertisement page. oh oh It was not to advertise in the body, but to expose the site to people who wanted to see the author's site. became evil

If you look at the screenshot below, the top two are the original comments, and the bottom two are spam comments that copied the above content and sent only the author's link to the advertising site.


spam comment


Spam comments are blocked by IP or advertising keywords in the comments, but this smarter spam comment uses the previous text as it is and sends only the author's site link to the advertising site.

It is impossible to copy and paste it by hand, and it would be done by software, but it was a foreign site.

Spears, shields, and spam comments on blogs seem to evolve as well.

Now, it is more difficult to see and filter the comments filtered by the spam comment blocking plugin.


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