When iMessage doesn't work on Mac: The message can't be sent. 00 is not registered with iMessage.

Sometimes iMessage doesn't work on Mac.

If the message is not sent and you press the red button, it says that it is not registered as shown below.


What is the cause?

It is said that if your Apple ID is a US account, it may not work well with contacts in the Messages app.


What is the solution?

Klein's commentIt says it has been resolved. In my case, only a few numbers didn't work, but adding 82 to the saved contact number solved it.


I understand that this problem is caused by the link between iMassage and iCloud.

As of iOS 11.3 b1, iMassage's iCloud integration was introduced and this issue was resolved.

In other words, you do not have to enter +82 10 country code for each contact in the address book of Mac OS X.

Sending text messages from iMassage on Mac works well.



If there are many contact numbers that do not work, you have to add 82 to the phone number. Script to add +82 to saved Korean phone number If you have one, you can use this.



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