The role of corporate researcher on products made by technologists

Historically, since technology was invented, technologists have been making products for people to use. In addition to the implementation of how it works, it is also about what to make.

By the way, a craftsman who is deeply immersed in technology itself is more interested in making things that make things work than making things useful to people.

Technicians go a little further than implementing the technology itself, creating features. Then, the technologists tell them to write that they have the latest technology, various features, and powerful features.

I don't think about what benefit those features are to users, and what value they are. I don't even think about who to sell to.

What's more difficult is that they claim that they have made the product with technology that other people can't match technically, claiming technological superiority and asking people to use it.

If such a value, such a benefit, begins with such a function, and such a function comes from such a technological superiority, users will understand it, but it would not make sense for people to know and use it because technology is superior.


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Of course, these days, programmers, electrical and electronic engineers, too, are thinking of things that are useful to people and that can be sold on the market.

One of the basics of programming is divide and query. However, many programmers only do divides and are not very good at Quanker. Differentiation and poor integration, only looking at the trees and not the forest. After normalizing, do not denormalize again.

So, it seems that the role of HCI person doing product planning, interaction design, and marketer promoting sales has become subdivided and specialized.

You can profit from the value you need, you can come up with a function, and you can start with the technology and create the function.

If there is a product made by a product manager who is a technical person,
What corporate researchers can do for techies in the product development process is to find out which functions benefit people, give them value, and are marketable.

To the technologist, “Why should I use this?”, “Who will use it?”. “When will I use this?” “How much will it sell?” It seems unreasonable to ask if there is any marketability by asking the question.

I think we should approach it by saying, “I made a cool thing, I’ll find out where to sell it.”


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