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If you have more than one computer, you may have been bothered by the different browser bookmarks on your computer. Or, every time you install a new operating system on your computer, you experience such inconvenience. If you use Firefox, this inconvenience disappears completely.

Bookmarkers Synchronizer By installing the extension in Firefox, you can sync bookmarks from multiple computers. However, having an account that can use FTP is also a problem.

Browser sync from Google A Firefox extension called . Browser Sync saves information such as browser bookmarks, history, and cookies to your Google account, and then allows you to make the same information as bookmarks, history, and cookies on other computers.



I was heartbroken at first when I heard this news. I think Google did it...

I'm using Browser Sync as a Firefox extension, so I was wondering what would happen if an Internet company made something that would work in Internet Explorer. If you do it through an internet portal, you have an account and a toolbar, so I thought that it would be easy to spread the toolbar.

Article It is said that the Firefox extension is out now, and it will be added to the Google Toolbar soon.

I was trying to come up with an in-house idea... 🥺

Anyway, if you look at it, Google Browser Sync is nothing new with the same functionality as the existing Bookmakrs Synchronizer.

But there seems to be something different.

1. Use a Google account, not a regular FTP account.
It seems convenient for users who do not have a general FTP account. If you don't have a Google account, just ask someone who has one to send you an invitation.

2. Bookmakrs Synchronizer controls upload and download by users, but Google Browser Sync does it for you.
So it's convenient and sometimes it's inconvenient because you can't control it.

3. If you do not enter your account information, Firefox will ask you every time it launches.
king is annoying

4. Bookmakrs Synchronizer and Google Browser Sync are both Firefox extensions, so you must have Firefox.
Personally, I'm not interested in IE users, but IE users can't use it.


Google's Google browser sync isn't very exciting as it's nothing new to Firefox users. Actually, it's not that difficult to implement.

If you want more before online bookmarks I thought about it, but if I can see it online, I can't see it online if I can't sync the bookmarks because that computer is someone else's computer?

아직 Bookmarks on Yahoo! , you can bring your computer's bookmarks and view them online, but there is no sync function.

Users of Microsoft's Internet Explorer will also find this useful if the browser sync function of Google Toolbar is incorporated.

However, this function will be for office workers and students who use more than one computer, and users who bookmark enough to have to sync their browsers. I don't know how many of these users are.


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