2006 World Cup Yahoo! widget

People often ask about the World Cup match schedule. The World Cup widget allows you to instantly find the World Cup match schedule. Not only that, you can see photos and articles right away. The default team is made up of the US team, and if you select a team and select a flag, it will be changed to a team of that country.

A widget is a program that is installed on the computer, and since users create various widgets, there are many useful things.

2006 World Cup Yahoo! widget


To use the World Cup widget

1. First Download Widget Engine and install it

2. Then Download the World Cup widget After receiving it, open it in the widget engine.

FIFA Official Sponsor, Yahoo! It seems to be useful during the World Cup period.

Widgets have the burden of installing a widget engine compared to a website, but people are likely to install the widget engine if there are useful words like this. Since it is intertwined with the timing issue, wouldn't it be easy to get water if we promote it?

A person who does a widget service might think about reorganizing the widget site to get people to use it. Rather than that, I'll put this widget in the widget home's sample and send an article. And I will find a review article on the blog and link it on the portal home.

If this is useful, it will quickly spread to Word of Mouse among people, especially blogs and cyhomes.

The World Cup has already started, but wouldn't it be nice if we could tell people about it now?


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