OpenWeb Movement Professor Kichang Kim Video Conversation

Open Web ActivityThis is an interview video of Professor Ki-Chang Kim of the Korea University School of Law, who is in charge of this.

They say that using the Internet is a metaphor for toll and free roads, but it makes sense. You explain the open web in a very easy way. You only know superficially, but you can realize that you really need it.

It is said that the reason for insisting on free roads is that the fate of the Korean computer industry is at stake. In particular, when it comes to e-government, it is said that it is a big problem that we must use MS products, which are toll roads. To use a bank or e-government, you must use IE and Active X, which means that you must use Microsoft.

It is said that 99.4% of the market share of the operating system market for personal PCs is MS, and the market is said to be 1 trillion won. It is also being done under the auspices of the government. Even if you have Linux or Mac, you should have another computer running MS Windows. You need MS Windows to do government work or banking work.

However, 99.4% of Koreans say that it is difficult to spread such a movement because they do not feel any discomfort. I think it's time to change our perception. The euro road has an impact on Korea's computer industry, which ultimately comes back as a cost to our consumers, and has a major impact on our future Internet usage environment.

It is currently being sued by the government. A lawsuit against the government is also a lawsuit, but I think we should also file a lawsuit in the opinion of our people.



But what should I do?

Is it possible to use Firefox instead of IE? What should I do?


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