Arms are cold when wearing a heat padded vest

A few years ago, more and more people were wearing padded vests in winter. I don't usually wear vests, so I wasn't interested, but I was given the recently popular so-called 'Heat Lightweight Padded Vest' as a gift.

I started wearing it by force.


Ah! It's really warm.


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cold. arm. Just wear a vest.


The body in the vest is warm, so the arms are relatively cold.




The body should feel warm, but the arms feel colder.


The human perception system is relative, so what you feel next depends on what you feel before.

If you put your hand in hot water and then put it in lukewarm water, the lukewarm water feels cold, and if you put your hand in cold water and then put it in lukewarm water, it feels warm.

So you need a thermometer that measures absolute temperature.


But what happened to my perception of the temperature of my torso and arms?

feel colder


In evolutionary terms, do we perceive cold as more important than warm in order to survive?


There is no need to wear a padded vest if the temperature is just enough to wear a vest, and if you only wear the vest at the temperature where you would wear a padded vest, your arms will get sore, so you need to wear something more. When I take off the padding, the padding is warm, and when I put it on, my arm is cold, and it is inconvenient to wear a cardigan over it.






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