Research vs. research

It seems that people can have their own meaning for words.
I design vs. design I once said that design and design mean different things to me.

This time, it's about research and research.

When I was young, I often heard the word 'research'.
That does not mean that my father was a professor or that there was a research institute nearby.

It may sound strange, but when I was young, my uncles and uncles who worked on ships often used the word 'research'.
At that time, the ironworks repaired the boat, and the uncles and the father and the boat workers always studied.

"The screw shower keeps getting water through the hole. Let's study this."
"When it rains, the boat fills with rain water. So, during the rainy season, you have to go to the dawn to dig up water. What should I do?"
"When the ship is docked, the rope must be fastened. Let's study how to fasten the rope without loosening it."
"Let's put the oil boiler. Let's study how to put it"
"How do I get the boat to the dock so it doesn't shake?"

When I was a kid, 'Research is finding a solution by looking for a problem, thinking hard to solve it, or doing various things.' said.

Those who did the 'research' did not go to elementary school, and there were those who did not graduate from high school.

But whenever a problem arises, they study.

I started learning sailing after taking the college entrance exam, "How do you want to go to college?" I was very upset.

There were a lot of ways to fasten the boat line, how to organize the remaining rope, how to untie the tangled rope, how to put the boat on, how to start the engine, and so on. He was also busy learning what he had put down.

Whenever a problem arose, my father and uncles would always gather to study.

Somehow, I went to graduate school and did something called 'research' in the lab.
Sometimes I researched the literature, studied the theory to make a hypothesis, and sometimes I did a survey to test the hypothesis, and sometimes I did an experiment. Then I analyzed the data and wrote a thesis.

For me, research is a job. 'Research is a series of activities for writing a thesis or writing a research report'.

Rather than finding out what you really want to know, you find something that could be a thesis and make it curious, then study it, collect data, and write a thesis. But, the more you look at something, the more curious you become.

If I work for a company to finally make money, I thought that the school would do research to publish a thesis. I call it 'Academy Industry'. Academics can also be viewed in that context.

Did I really do my best to research to find out what I was curious about? Or did you do research to write a thesis?

Somehow, I do research at the company. Of course, I am not doing research like that of a doctor at the institute.
In the process of product development, research is done like design or programming.
For me, this is mostly research, not research.

I don't know if I can distinguish between work and non-work, but I think about whether I'm really trying my best to find out what I'm curious about, but it seems like research or not. It's a bit sad to call it 'investigation'. I just think that there seems to be something called 'research'.

I don't know if I can make a clear distinction, but to me, research and research are so different.

English and Korean have the same meaning in the dictionary, but they are so different to me.



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