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IDEO's Techbox

fun innovationIn the Iranian book, there is a story about IDEO's TechBox. Techbox is a box for storing new materials, mechanical devices, and electrical devices. In IDEO, the company officially creates a space and stores new machines, devices, and tools. And he says he gets ideas by looking at it.

Pictured is IDEO's tech box from a delightful innovation book.


To solve a problem, you must first find the problem and recognize it. And you need to find the cause of the problem. Then you need problem-solving skills for a solution that can solve that problem. Sometimes logical power, sometimes innovative ideas, and sometimes creative thinking is required.

IDEO's Core Methodology, understand user behavior through field research and solve problems through brainstorming after finding problems. Aside from brainstorming, tech boxes are a way to get ideas from technical stuff to solve design problems.

Because IDEO did a lot of product design, which is a field of industrial design that has a physical form, it seems that there are a lot of materials, machines, and electrical devices that can be touched in reality. They seem to do web sites these days too, so maybe there are many web sites on the computer on the techbox.


You can get ideas from technology to solve problems, but you also need to understand technology to create a new product concept.


It is necessary for an interaction designer who plans a product to understand the technology to be implemented in order to create a specific function of the product. But what I want to talk more about is the conceptual aspect of the product as a whole, not just the function.

For example, in CHI 2006 Introducing the concept of mashupsdid. From a technical point of view of mashup, it exposes an API so that closed data can be accessed, and XML RSSAtom It makes it possible to distribute or access over the Internet protocol through , and to display and operate in web pages using technologies such as AJAX. However, these technologies have been around for a long time, and we came to know it when someone showed it to us as a service. It's called Web 2.0.

The name mashup is what people say on the Internet, which is used by everyone. However, prior to this, the concept of a mashup has already been used within the company to use the information system within the company or services outside the company in the corporate portal concept that is being talked about these days. It even took care of authentication.

In my case, this was the case when the parent group allowed Internet service information to be used within the company in 2002, and Internet service companies were not prepared for such a thing before 2000, but they accessed the information of the company's information system and behaved like the present mashup. can be used by corporate employees. However, the creator of such a service was not the same person as the service planner in the Internet industry these days, but a software engineer.


ideo toolbox

(photo source)


It seems that the concept of a new product based on technology is often created by a software engineer. Because it is software engineers who understand technology best, and some engineers who create concepts that can be applied with technology do not end with technology alone, but come up with ideas. However, now that the job is specialized, the new concept of the product is the responsibility of the interaction designer who plans the product rather than the engineer.

If engineers are interested in making technology and implementing something with technology, HCI personnel such as interaction designers should consider technology as a tool and think about what tools can be made useful to people through technology. Instead of thinking about technology at all, we have to think about what useful tools to make for people.

Technology should follow people, not people following technology. Either way, you need to know the basics. To do that, you need to be interested in technology and study on a regular basis. That doesn't mean that you have to study the skills of an engineer to a level that can be realized. It means you need to understand conceptually.

There is an item related to 'technical skill' among the items related to the individual's ability in our company's personnel evaluation. It is about 'using technology effectively to solve business issues, creating innovative, safe and very high-quality technical solutions, or learning and learning emerging technologies'. It seems that even if you are not an engineer, how to use technology is important enough to be an item of an individual's ability evaluation.



It is necessary to have the habit of understanding technology on a daily basis

When solving a problem or planning a new product, you can get ideas from technology. In order to do that, you have to keep in touch with technology by making a techbox like IDEO. Whether it's information technology or other technology, you should develop a habit of understanding the level of conception for a new technology.

It is not a one-time study. You should study normally. So, at some point, I think that using these technologies, new necessary technologies can be requested, and new products can be made using those technologies.



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